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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Foaming Tiber of American Mediocrity

We can observe in the non-American Western world, that there is a subtle kind of cultural client state status to the hyper power. Materialist consumerism conquered and occupies nations worldwide, initiated in a sociological blitzkrieg. Indeed, we are taken by storm... a storm of shit. Endless, unrelenting, smugly self-satisfied shit.

Even as early as the 1920s in America, the seeds of consumerism were being sowed. Jewish marketer Edward Bernays, using the psychological know-how of his uncle Sigmund Freud to combine psychology and marketing to sell cigarettes to women, aligning liberty with smoking, and subconsciously aligning it with a challenge to male power. The power to propagandise was nothing new, but the desire and ability to do so via motivation to profit, this was largely a new phenomenon.

Now, the drive towards a more consumer-centric society might have been the inevitable evolution of surging production, (especially necessitated and began by the Industrial Revolution) a need to offload all these goods  to new markets, right? But the fix has become an addiction. Once the allure of cheap luxury items hit the taste buds of Mr and Mrs America, they were hooked, their palate changed permanently. It used to be more production and less consumption, now its no production and all consumption- to the benefit of certain entities.

All of this fits into a narrative- One of the latest incarnations of an endless will to provide the teeming, bursting masses with sufficient bread and circuses. We are units of labour or production in a neo-Marxist's air castle. A means to an end.

But gadget-fetishism and brand loyalty are not the only tools of subversion at hand, they are more of a vehicle for our compartmentalisation of both our lives and us as entities, a vehicle to distract and hedonize our attentions, and to cheapen and misdirect our characters.

A degenerating culture is one where complaining is a way to get things done. The victim narrative is a powerful cultural force, simply for the fact it encourages the masses to do nothing, and wallow in their socially subsidised, decadent mentality. Though, victimhood comes with a price. In adopting the right to void any responsibility for your actions, you must also resign yourself to a life of whimpering and whinging blanketed in a shallow demonstration of meek niceness (Unless you're a protected minority).

On television, the same tune is played. It is all but a indoctrinarian projector for the aforementioned victimhood narrative, watered down egalitarian ideals, the mangina archetype, models of artificial racial cohesion and miscegenation sponsorship, all  ready to be soaked in by the audience's vicarious eyes. Hollywood churns out a feast of decultured profit-maximisers, with no adequately digestible or unique message, but a series of replications of what has come, each new copy slightly louder and more obvious than the latter.

And what of the personification of all these decadent values and machinations? Generation Zero, castrated and largely disarmed of any connection to their heritage, culture, or even sound discernment, are psychologically cut loose, naive in temperament, to float adrift into a barren, vacant sea of subversive elements and media controlled by a hostile foreign elite, with no solid grasp on reality, no worthwhile role models and perpetual dreams of escape. The worse trait is one that is, to some degree, internalized by most White Westerners but especially in the young Whites, in that everyone, from all cultures, ethnic groups and religions, share the same ideas and ethics and sense of fair play as you, in your naive little corner, do:

How close-minded and racist our elders were! Why can't we all be equal, without reference to something as meaningless as skin colour! Ethnic solidarity my arse, only racist white men believe in that shit

Only a violent kick from Reality can obliterate that notion. Or can it?

Invoking the Procrustean approach, generation Y solidarity is dependent on your relative mediocrity to the group.  Because even if you have to lob a few legs and arms off, it's worth the price for equality. Anything that keeps you amidst the ranks of the bumbling herd. Intellectual pursuits are frowned upon or looked on with indifference, but fortunately, boundless hedonism is in.

But it's no wonder that our Generation Y and younger are in such a shabby state in the US, especially. The public education systems present ranges from a mediocrity factory to a leftist teacher's personal experiment (aslong as it is the Party Line, that is).

What of the old American virtues; ideals of liberty, justice and freedom? By subversion, the presence they have in the mainstream has largely morphed into nanny statism, prosecution-by-ideology and political correctness, with only a minority of committed loyalists upholding their true, unraped forms.

Present day America's declining empire may be the epicenter of materialistic individual culture, that has become a synonym for its power, but in a sense, we are all Americans now. For Europeans, being engulfed by the Romans was only a matter of geographical distance or your respective force, but in this age of mass-communications, being culturally conquered by the Judeo-Hollywood complex has proven to only be a matter of time, a matter of degree.

In essence, the American Dream has become a nightmare. If you are the average white American male who works hard, you have the right to have your wealth redistributed to hostile aliens, to get married to a pig who will probably divorce you and force you to pay her until you die, to send your children to a school where they will soon be racial minorities and can be sent home for wearing an American flag t-shirt, pay for a baby-boomer pension ponzi scheme you will probably never get yourself. Americans have been sold a pipedream, and until the masses truly realise that it is a mirage, and they're really in a civilisational desert, will things change.

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Anonymous said...

THere is a survival mechanism that is kicking in now. People are largely not aware of their own subconscious, and less so of any larger, intra-species mechanisms by which nature works. Many 'selfish gene' behavioral biology proponents deny that such aggregate activity is anything more than a sum of all actors maximizing individual position. That is probably true to a large extent but that does not negate the cumulative effect as being more of a product than a sum. People as a whole are both waking out of their trance in unprecedented number and sinking deeper into it by the hordes.

Evolution may be more of a punctuated process than constant. That may be the one thing about it that the marxist evolutionists got right. Of course there was a political agenda woven into it for them of a model of revolution and prolonged stasis but people can be right for the wrong reasons. Regardless, we are approaching a massive divergence of people into one path more simple and another more complex. The overlap within that split of competing agendas is difficult to qualify and impossible to quantify as of yet but the mechanism is clear.

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