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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Latest Kiwi Killed in Afghanistan

Yup, we have hit number six. Oddly enough, he was born in Western Samoa, which begs the question; how much of our armed forces are composed of foreign-born men and women? Paints a slightly disturbing picture for me, though at least it isn't another White Male dying heroically without a genetic legacy to leave behind.

Would someone care to remind me why we're in Afghanistan? At least we have a "good reason" for being in Iraq.


Anonymous said...


Ive just linked to you from the site

Ive also added M4 Monologue to the links as well.

A return link would be appreciated but thats up to you of course.


Johnny Dissidence said...


thanks a bunch. I was about to do the same with your blog.

Keep up the good work, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Johnny, you keep up the good work too mate!


Pat Hannagan said...

Yayy, Go Fonterra, Go!

I reckon if you did a survey as to why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan you'd come up with as many different answers as people involved in the survey.

From what I can gather it's now simply about democracy. I wonder if our troops know that they are fighting for democracy and if they do, what do they make of their own homelands being invaded with mass immigration.

Pat Hannagan said...

Btw, the word verification on that last comment was "dintless". Is that kiwi for a new car?

Johnny Dissidence said...

*Bangs dustpin and pan together* I thought I told you your type wasn't wanted around here! Go on, get!

In all seriousness, I think the only honest argument any Western power can make as to being in the ME is that we fucked up majorly in going, but if we leave now, we're at a net-loss in terms of having creating more enemies than friends, and leaving a shitstorm worse than when we entered. And even that is fairly shaky.

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