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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kenyan Islamic group bans football

Original article here

27th April, 2010
A group of Islamic clerics in north eastern Kenya said it was cracking down on public broadcasts of football and films because it feared young Kenyan Muslims were shunning Islamic traditions.
The group based in the town of Mandera on the border with Somalia said it had also put pressure on local administrators to back their television bans in a football-mad nation eagerly awaiting the World Cup in South Africa.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Taliban Main Suspects in Schoolgirl Poisoning

Original article here

KABUL - More than 80 schoolgirls have fallen ill in three cases of mass sickness over the past week in northern Afghanistan, raising fears that militants who oppose education for girls are using poison to scare them away from school.

The latest case occurred Sunday when 13 girls became sick at school, Kunduz provincial spokesman Mahbobullah Sayedi said. Another 47 complained of dizziness and nausea on Saturday, and 23 got sick last Wednesday. All complained of a strange smell in class before they fell ill.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Southpark Islam controversy

 Ayaan Hirsi Ali on South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Islam

Ayaan is a former Muslim, wrote a screenplay criticising Islam which got the director Theo Van Gogh murdered.


Thanks to Vlad for this. 

Controversial Muslim Bus Ads Put Back up, Freedom of Speech Activity

Original article here.

Controversial anti-Muslim ads to be reinstalled on Miami-Dade buses

Ten controversial advertisements by an anti-Muslim group that were removed from Miami-Dade Transit buses after the department received complaints will go back up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anti-Southpark Islamic Site Hacked

Reported at  Vladtepes' blog.

Revolution Muslim website hacked in retaliation for targeting South Park creators

From The National Post
The Muslim website, Revolution Muslim based in New York City, has been hacked in retaliation for the fact that the website targeted South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone over of two recent episodes that satirized the Prophet Muhammad. Currently, Revolution Muslim’s website is down.

The hack was first noticed Wednesday night and lasted for a brief period of time. According to, the hackers managed to redirect Revolution Muslim’s website to another website called Revolution Islam.  When a visitor went to Revolution Muslim’s website they were redirected to images of Prophet Muhammad with a bomb on his head and an older Muslim man kissing a young boy passionately.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Army Disinvites Franklin Graham from National Day of Prayer Event

Original article here.

April 22, 2010 7:12 PM
ABC News' Luis Martinez reports:
The Army has disinvited Christian evangelist Franklin Graham from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service on May 6 because of his past controversial comments about Islam.   In 2001, the son of the evangelist Billy Graham described Islam as evil and said last year that  he found it to be “a very violent religion.”

Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins confirmed today, that at the Army’s request, the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office had contacted Graham to withdraw the invitation extended to him to be the main speaker at the Pentagon’s observance of the National Day of Prayer.

ComedyCentral Censors Southpark Mohammed Episode

Original article here.

Threat against ‘South Park’ creators highlights dilemma for media companies

In its 200 shows, the irreverent animated program "South Park" has mercilessly satirized Christianity, Buddhism, Scientology, the blind and disabled, gay people, Hollywood celebrities and politicians of all persuasions, weathering the resulting protests and threats of boycotts.

But this week, after an ominous threat from a radical Muslim website, the network that airs the program bleeped out all references to the prophet Muhammad in the second of two episodes set to feature the holy figure dressed in a bear costume. The incident provides the latest example that media conglomerates are still struggling to balance free speech with safety concerns and religious sensitivities, six years after Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was slain for making a film critical of Islamic society.

Driver wearing Islamic face veil fined in France

Original article here.

April 23, 2010.
PARIS — A lawyer says a woman driving her car while wearing an Islamic face veil has been fined by French police for not having a clear field of vision.

Lawyer Jean-Michel Pollono says traffic police in the western city of Nantes fined his client euro22 ($29) in early April. The fine was based on a rule that says drivers should have "freedom of movement and a sufficient field of vision."

Pollono said Friday on France-Info radio that he is protesting the decision, saying a veil is "the same as a motorcycle helmet" in terms of hindrance to vision.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered a law drafted that would ban veils that cover the face and body anywhere in public. Such veils are very rare in France.
Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bill O'Reilly on Mohammed South Park controversy "Not worth it"

Here we have infamous hard right-wing talk-show host Bill O'Reilly on the latest episode of Southpark, featuring Mohammed. O'Reilly Doesn't exactly attack them for it, but he certainly doesn't defend their right to do it.

It's undeniable he's a joke, but to stoop this low where freedom is concerned demonstrates that political correctness has no side; it's not strictly a left-wing thing. The irony is  he "Hates to give into the intimidating forces of evil..." But he will do it by acknowledging his fear of offending Islam and acting on it.

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs for the video.

And here's the Southpark video.

Insulting Islam a Crime in Indonesia

Original article here.

Indonesia blasphemy verdict 'threatens religious minority'

4:00 AM Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

JAKARTA - A decision by Indonesia's constitutional court to uphold a controversial blasphemy law has dealt a severe blow to religious freedom in the world's largest Muslim-majority country, a rights group said yesterday.

The court ruled that the 1965 law, which allows for criminal penalties and bans on people or groups that "distort" the central tenets of six recognised religions, was in line with the constitution and vital to religious harmony.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iranian Cleric Says Promiscuous Women Are to Blame for Earthquakes

Here's an article from Vladtepes.

April 19th, 2010.

Associated Press from FOX news with a HT to TL
A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

BEIRUT — A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

Iran is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries, and the cleric’s unusual explanation for why the earth shakes follows a prediction by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that a quake is certain to hit Tehran and that many of its 12 million inhabitants should relocate.

Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood

Original article here.

 20th April, 2010.
When President Obama spoke to the Muslim world in Cairo last June, a large portion of his guests were leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The speech was designed to please them more than supporting the reformist movement in Egypt and across the Muslim world.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Israel tells its citizens to get out of Sinai now

JERUSALEM – Israel issued an "urgent" warning Tuesday to its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula immediately citing "concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai."
The statement from the Israeli prime minister's anti-terror office took the unusual step of calling on families of Israelis visiting the Sinai to establish contact with them.

The commander of the anti-terror office, Brig. Gen. Nitzan Nuriel, acknowledged that there had been rumors that Israelis have been kidnapped in the Sinai. "We don't work according to rumors," he Israel TV. "We work according to firm intelligence." He said it would "take some time" to disprove the rumors, which circulated all day Tuesday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Koran's message of "unity" shared in Maori translation

Original article here.

It appears that Islamists are trying to cosy up to the Maoris (indigenous people of New Zealand). That should come to no surprise to anyone. I don't doubt it'll be embraced with open arms, slowly and steadily, especially in prisons.

A Pakistani who learned Maori while living in Nigeria will launch his te reo translation of the Koran this weekend.

Shakil Monir, a 78-year-old whose first language is Urdu, taught himself Maori over 20 years, starting with an English-to-Maori dictionary, Maori Bible and a grammar book.

Raids nab seven over cartoonist death plot

Original article here.

4:00 AM Thursday Mar 11, 2010
Seven people were arrested in the Republic of Ireland yesterday as part of an international investigation into a conspiracy to murder a Swedish cartoonist whose work has led to death threats from Muslim extremists.

Four men and three women were arrested in the cities of Cork and Waterford and other locations across southern Ireland in early-morning raids, as police seized mobile phones, computers and documents.

The suspects are originally from Morocco and Yemen and aged from mid-20s to late 40s. They were reportedly in Ireland legally and had refugee status.

Nigeria slaughter 'merciless'

 Original article here.

9:30 AM Tuesday Mar 9, 2010
The killers showed no mercy: They didn't spare women and children, or even a 4-day-old baby, from their machetes. Women wailed in the streets as a dump truck carried dozens of bodies past burned-out homes toward a mass grave.

Rubber-gloved workers pulled ever-smaller bodies from the dump truck and tossed them into the mass grave. A crowd began singing a hymn with the refrain, "Jesus said I am the way to heaven." As the grave filled, the grieving crowd sang: "Jesus, show me the way."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somalia: Fear of Islamists kills music

Original article here.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, April 13 (UPI) -- Most radio stations in Somalia have stopped playing music because of fear from the country's Islamist insurgents.

The stations comply with a ban issued by the Islamist Hizbul-Islam insurgents who say music is un-Islamic, BBC News reports.

A government-controlled radio and a Kenyan station are the remaining two outlets playing songs.
The stations that stopped playing music are using "sounds such as gunfire, the noise of the vehicles and birds to link up our programs and news," one radio executive told the BBC.

Hizbul-Islam and al-Shebab, the other major Islamist group, control most of Mogadishu and much of the country's southern and central regions. They are said to have close links to al-Qaida and reports claim the terror organization is reinforcing them with senior insurgents from Yemen.

Somalia's weak transitional government has been unable to stop violence in the country.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Halal-Certified Meat in NZ Prisons

An old article, October 8th 2009, but relevant nonetheless.

Original article here.

Few Muslim inmates but jails buy only halal meat

All 8500 prisoners in the New Zealand prison system eat halal-certified meat, despite only 82 prisoners identifying themselves as Muslim.

For a meat processor to be halal-certified, meat must be slaughtered by Muslims and cannot be contaminated by alcohol or pig products.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Division in the West Part 1

One of the interesting things I notice looking fairly far back in Western history is how despite our various difference, both idealistically, ethnically and geographically,  a good portion of us seems to band together when its needed. Look at World War II, in the face of an impending threat, the English decided their appeasing, weak-spined prime minister Neville Chamberlain was no wartime leader, and appointed the ideal candidate, an old school imperialist Winston Churchill, who unified and emboldened the spirit of the UK against the Nazi invasion. It was a rough and merciless operation with significant cost of monetary resources aswell as people, but the UK never was occupied by the Nazis.

But what do we have now?

All of the West is under the spell of multiculturalism, believing that opening the floodgates to let in the hordes of third worlders, foreign cultures and foreign entities is a boon to our culture. "They enrich our culture immensely with theirs'!" The leaders and their followers screech, but when asked what these cultures include, and how they enrich ours, there's an awkward filibuster or silence. As Mark Steyn said, a true multiculturalist in the past would have had to know everything about a Muslim group's belief and geographical past, before allowing a mosque to be built in his area of jurisdiction. Now, as long as everyone feels good about themselves, wallowing in their collective ignorance of the introduced culture, it's a good thing. Truer words were never spoken.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

French Leader Sarkozy Calls Obama a Lunatic

Original article here.

"A new report circulating in the Kremlin today authored by France’s Directorate-General for External Security and recently “obtained” by the FSB shockingly quotes French President Nicolas Sarkozyas stating that President Barrack Obama is “a  dangerous[ly] aliéné”, which translates into his, Obama, being a “mad lunatic”, or in the American vernacular, “insane”.
According to this report, Sarkozy was “appalled” at Obama’s “vision” of what the World should be under his “guidance” and “amazed” at the American Presidents unwillingness to listen to either “reason” or “logic”.  Sarkozy’s meeting where these impressions of Obama were formed took place nearly a fortnight ago at the White House in Washington D.C., and upon his leaving he scolded Obama and the US for not listening closely enough to what the rest of the World has to say.

Hillary Clinton Allows Islamic Terror Apologist in US Despite Ban

Original Article here.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an order allowing a radical Islamic man with terrorist ties to tour cities in the United States in spite of a six-year ban, according to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police's Terrorism Committee.

Secretary Clinton consented to have Tariq Ramadan, an extremist Muslim who supports Islamic terrorism, visit New York City -- the city attacked by 19 Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 -- to begin a U.S. tour that includes New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit and Washington.

The prominent European Muslim scholar openly supports Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has worked for Iran and donates money to terrorist causes, according to public-interest group Judicial Watch.

In 2009, a university in The Netherlands terminated Ramadan as a result of his extremism and for his work for the Islamic Republic of Iran, currently pursuing nuclear weapons and financing terrorism worldwide.

Al Qaeda's Threat to World Cup

Original article here.

Al-Qaeda in threat to England and USA fans at World Cup

Al-QAEDA have threatened to kill hundreds of fans during England's World Cup match against the US.
The terrorists' north African branch, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, boasted they would evade security in South Africa by using undetectable bombs.

Security experts fear the match will be targeted because of the symbolic importance of the teams.
And a strike against stars such as John Terry, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney would cause shockwaves.
Rangers stars Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley could both be in the US team.
A statement in a Jihad magazine said: "How amazing could the match United States vs Britain be when broadcasted live at a stadium packed with spectators when the sound of an explosion rumbles through the stands.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama: On The Road to Dhimmitude

On the 7th, Barrack Hussein Obama, banned the use of Islam and Jihad  in US national security documents. Even though there is undeniable connection between Islam and violence, Premiere Hussein  has sought to "...emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism...", No, Islam seems to do that itself.

"Do you want to think about the U.S. as the nation that fights terrorism or the nation you want to do business with?"
National Security Council staffer Pradeep Ramamurthy said.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Middle Eastern crime connections In Sydney

Here is the original article.

I HAVE a particular affection for my Australian friends of Middle Eastern background - they seem imbued with a special generosity and zest for life. Their good humour and decency is itself a contradiction to the proposition that there is some racial base to all that crime and violence carried out in their name.

Ten years ago Vietnamese Australians had a similar reputation, and before them Italians.

It is an old story.

Woman Strangled by Burka on Go-Kart

Original article here.

A YOUNG Muslim woman was horrifically strangled when her burka tangled up in the wheels of a GO-KART.

The 24-year-old woman's clothing wrapped around a wheel axle as she raced around the track.

Other racers on the track near Sydney, Australia, said the garment quickly tightened around her neck and throttled her within seconds.

She was rushed to the John Hunter Hospital in the New South Wales city of Newcastle but never recovered.

Cops have seized the cart and launched an investigation into the freak accident.
I bet they'll charge the Go-Kart with a hate crime.

By Staff Reporter.

I believe about three factors came into play here:
  1.  The Go-Kart company was afraid to tell her it was unsafe and to change, due to the potential for a discrimination lawsuit, as seen here. (Muslim Woman sues UPS for not allowing her to wear a long flowing burka in a high risk area and wins.)
  2. The vision restriction of the Muslim facial veil is obviously dangerous enough when it comes to regular driving, but on a Go-Kart, she wouldn't have noticed the burka's proximity to the wheel before it's too late.
  3. Stupidity. It's its own kind of punishment.
 This is a lose-lose situation for the Go-Kart company. On the one hand, they could have prevented her riding the Go-Kart and face a potential lawsuit, and the other is the result we have here. My solution? Waivers. If you have an monstrously fat child who wants to ride a Go-Kart, or someone who wants to wear a long skirt, they can. But they have to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately, in the politically correct societies we all live in, the government has decided we can't make the decision for ourselves.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obama's setting more limits on US nuclear capabilities in light of Iranian threat

This goes well with the previous article. Anyone else disturbed?

Israel Air Force Practicing Strikes Against Iran

Israel is in a bad, bad spot here. On the one hand, it can attack Iran's nuclear facilities and suffer massive casualties and have all of the Islamic middle east thirsty for blood. And on the other, it can let Iran keep going for their nukes, and have to deal with a massively psychotic nuclear threat in the future. Obama is offering no assistance for this except pussy arse economic sanctions. And Iran has threatened Israel in the past quite a lot, so this is a pretty heavy issue.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Muslims Gone Wild

Leftism, Marxism, And Soviet Subversion in America.

 I came across a couple of interesting videos on Youtube about rampant leftist marxism in American universities and Soviet subversion of Americans. The below video summarises Soviet tactics (you can find the whole series here). I find this very interesting, the Soviet sleeper agents instilled in American students the ideas of anti-American (people, government, culture), socialism and intolerance of anything else. This is, obviously, a Soviet idea.

Indoctrination in American universities: Documentary: Indoctrinate-U:

Part two is here.
This documentary illustrates how, in many American universities, the lecture-room is half a room of education, and half a political recruitment center. It illustrates how dissenting ideas from the anti-American, anti-capitalist point of view are dealt with via boycotts, accusations, and in some cases, straight expulsion. If you disagree with the leftist,American hating agenda, you're a nazi, racist, bigot, sexist, fascist, or all of the above.

You know what the Soviets used to call the people in the West who support their socialist ideas?
Useful idiots.
Because if there was some kind of uprising they'd have served their useful purpose and be eliminated, character-wise or even physically.

If Islam took over their countries, they'd have served their useful purpose.. Their misinformed ideal that Western culture and government is the enemy, and needs to be destroyed, and any and all groups who agree is their ally in bringing down the "fascist regime" is a self-destructive ideology. Hating the nation that allows you live in (with relative comfort) and allow you to express these ideas without impunity will make for a violent change when suddenly that freedom is gone, and the horrors of the revolution are presented.

"There is no traitor like him whose domestic treason plants the dagger within the breast that trusted to his truth" -Lord Byron

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Israel Supporters in Canada Attacked

Original article here.

Machete used by attackers, students say

 Carleton students file complaint with Gatineau police
A well-known student supporter of Israel at Carleton University and an Israeli engineering student at the university say they are counting themselves lucky to have survived an attack with what they say was a machete near a Gatineau bar early Monday.

Nick Bergamini, 22, vice-president of the Carleton University Students’ Association, said he and roommate Mark Klibanov were leaving Le Volt bar on Promenade du Portage at 1:45 a.m. when a group of about 10 men began yelling in English and Arabic that they were Zionists and Jews.

“These people must have been Carleton students because I recognized one of them,” Bergamini said. “I said I love Israel because I support Israel’s right to exist.
“I told them not to do this because I knew who they were, but I got hit hard on the back of the head. We ran to the bar entrance because bar security was there.”

The two men later decided to walk across the Chaudière Bridge to Ottawa when the crowd surrounding them dispersed about five minutes later. As they walked through a parking lot near the bridge, however, a car with three men inside pulled up beside them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Israel urges 'int’l action' on Iran

 Original link here.

An announcement by Iran’s nuclear chief of plans to build new atomic facilities in the country, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s newest warning regarding Israel’s demise, underline the need for “determined and effective international action,” a senior government official said on Saturday night.

“Ahmadinejad’s continuous outbursts of extremist rhetoric only prove to the entire international community the seriousness of the threat posed by the Iranian regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, and heightens the need for determined and effective international action,” the official said.

Ahmadinejad, referring on Saturday to escalating tensions in the Gaza Strip, said IDF action would “cost” Israel “too much.”

“I say to the Zionists and their supporters that they have already committed enough crimes,” he told an Iranian crowd. “A new adventure in Gaza will not save you, but hasten your demise.”

Faced with the prospect of new sanctions because
of Iran’s nuclear defiance, Ahmadinejad said that such penalties would only strengthen his country’s technological advancement and help it to become more self-sufficient.

“Don’t imagine that you can stop Iran’s progress,” Ahmadinejad said in remarks broadcast live on state television. “The more you reveal your animosity, the more it will increase our people’s motivation to double efforts for construction and progress of Iran.”

Islamic Child Marriage in New Zealand

 Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Notice how on part three, the president of the NZ Islamic Association neglects to mention his great prophet married a nine year old girl and took many sex slaves.

Law change extreme: spy base attacker

Original article here.

One of the protesters cleared of an attack on the Waihopai Spy base says it would be extreme to change the law in the light of his case.
Adrian Leason told the Herald it seemed excessive for Prime Minister John Key to be talking about the possibility of change to a long-standing piece of common law.

Irrelevant But Funny

Here's the original link.

"F*** you" says woman's text from Telecom

A Wanganui woman claims she received a text message saying "F*** you" from Telecom's call centre after she complained about her mobile phone service.
The woman, known only as Vanessa, brought the issue to the attention of Wanganui mayor Michael Laws on his Radio Live talkback show.
Telecom is now investigating the issue, according to the New Zealand Herald.
The woman told Mr Laws she received the offensive message on February 6, which she was able to trace back to Telecom, after she complained her own text messages to family members were taking hours to arrive.
But the complaint remained dormant, which prompted Vanessa to contact Mr Laws.
Mr Laws said the "level of communications and response to customer complaints has been abysmal".
Telecom spokesperson Nick Brown said Telecom would be very thorough in its investigation of the matter.
"Our customer service teams all set themselves the highest standards and therefore behaviour such as that reported by Mayor Laws would equate to serious misconduct," Mr Brown said in a statement.
Telecom has come under fire lately for its service.
A fault saw thousands of customers lose service for seven hours on Monday and the telecommunications service provider is offering $5million in compensation to customers after two network failures in December and January.
"The level of communications and response to customer complaints has been abysmal," Mr Laws said.

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Defects to CIA

Original link here

An Iranian nuclear scientist who disappeared while on pilgrimage to Mecca last year has defected to the United States and is living and working there for the CIA, it was reported yesterday.

Revelations about Shahram Amiri’s defection came as the US and five other world powers, including China, were said to have reached agreement on drawing up new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme in the next few days.

The report on ABC News described the defection as “an intelligence coup,” and claimed that information gleaned from debriefing Dr Amiri had added detail and confirmation to existing CIA intelligence assessments about the Iranian nuclear programme. It also increased the growing international pressure on Tehran.

Dr Amiri, a nuclear scientist at Tehran’s Malek Ashtar University, went missing in June last year three days after arriving in Saudi Arabia for the annual haj. Details of his disappearance emerged months later when Iran accused the US of abducting him and lodged a formal protest against Washington with the United Nations.

Friday, April 2, 2010

English Defence League Article

Here's an article I found, recently published by the NZherald online. The EDL, by it's own admission is opposed to the spread of Islamic extremism and Sharia law. I'll add my own opinion in Italics. It's a great example of scapegoating a particular cause and attempting to align it unfairly with "fascist" and "Nazi" groups. t also illustrates a growing discontent with the mainstream ideas of multiculturalism, the apathetic nature of the nation's leadership, and traditional media's bias when it comes to culturally/racially sensitive issues.

Here is the original article

On platform one at Bolton train station in England a mob of about 100 men punch the air in unison as a chant goes up: "Muslim bombers, off our streets! Muslim bombers off our streets!"

The Problems With Islam

One thing that pisses me off about the multicultural climate of the West in this 21st century is how multiculturalism equals blind acceptance, some kind of somniferous dream-like fantasy where people of different cultures, religions and races skip hand-in-hand together into a rainbow. Okay, maybe I'm taking it a little far, but I've started to realise that modern multiculturalism equals blind acceptance of foreign cultures, without a need to understand or even a consideration about what those cultures include.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hello kiddies,

The purpose of this blog is, essentially, to provoke and encourage the cultivation of thought outside our own little corners. It will also have a majorly political focus, with articles, videos, and my own commentary and analysis. I'll be covering issues ranging from local political events to global phenomenons, with a focus on the globalization of Islam, the hypocritical libtardian agenda of most politicians and "politically active' people in the West, and a look at how all these factors effect our culture, communication, and social institutes.

I can't claim I'll be an objective commenter, but I'll try as hard as possible to do it. I hope you enjoy.

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."