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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mega Metal Mash Up 3

Once again...

Advocating Free Contraceptives to Beneficiaries= Nazism

Sharon Wilson-Davis, a Maori former solo mother and a member of the Welfare Working Group, has been equated to the Nazis for recommending free contraceptives for people on benefits, lifted from here.

Former Green MP Sue Bradford said the group seemed to be "looking to Nazi Germany for inspiration, with its underpinning 'work makes free' philosophy, attempted eugenic control of a portion of the population, and its potential racist implications for Maori".
As usual, leftist rhetoric requires a suspension of disbelief for it to be somewhat digestible to the public, forgetting the racial demographics of the person she is accusing of "Nazi-style" anti-Maori racial eugenic policy. Obviously, facts don't matter when you have a leftist moral agenda to promote, right?

Mrs Wilson-Davis, whose Strive Community Trust runs work transition programmes for sole parents in Mangere, said on Tuesday that she supported both proposals to encourage young women to "make wiser choices".

The problem here is not some crypto-fascist agenda. The problem is that it promotes responsibility in women, and especially in non-White women, in direct violation of the feminist principle that women could have all the choice and privilege with none of the responsibility or hardship to boot. Obviously, this cannot fly with the leftists who buddy up their ideological principles with femarxist ideology, as it'd be in contradiction of the the terms that women were sold in regards to "Female Liberation".

"What are your choices? We have a contraceptive device that is totally subsidised, so that when you are in better circumstances, if you have work or if you meet a lovely man and he's willing to support you, fine, have twins, have whatever. But not while you are in this situation."
She said the group was not racist, even though it found 31 per cent of all working-aged Maori were on welfare compared with 10 per cent of non-Maori.

This all looks oddly familiar.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Louis Theroux on the "Ultra Zionists" And the Nazis

Louis Theroux. The embarrassing epitome of what has become the English media personality; effeminate, overly-diplomatic, and unabashedly politically correct, Cam correctly pointed out the stark contrast with this wimpy she-boy and a real man, like the late Terre Blanche. He has departed on numerous journeys out in the world to see numerous extreme subcultures, from American negro inner-city gang bangers, to Black Muslim nationalists and even the Afrikaner Resistance Movement in South Africa. But I'll be contrasting the documentation and portrayal of two vibrant extremes by the BBC frontman, The Zionists and the neo-Nazis. Let's find out which one gets the least biased coverage by Theroux.

Louis Theroux, and the Ultra Zionists

Barely five minutes into the Ultra Zionists, he shows his hand of cards face up. Consider the limp-wristed, pedantic way he talks to a Zionist Jew on the illegal expansion policies of Israel into east Jerusalem:
"Don't you feel... uhh... that you're ...uh...partially...uh..  responsible for putting those kids [in east Jerusalem settlements] in harm's way?"
Upon witnessing an argument between a Zionist Israeli and a Palestinian, he apologetically injects the fact that "The international community is on his side [Palestinians] in that it doesn't recognise your rights in this region, and sees you as an interloper." An undercurrent of fear was ever present. His  reluctance to slightly critique is palpable, whether it be fear for his personage physically or the potential fallout socially (with his media buddies), remains to be seen. But the impression you're given is that, at best, he is a passive spectator into an alternative community practicing an alternative ideology. At worst, he is a protected tourist in a divided country with potentially hazardous zones. As with many things, this is not the case.

The most disturbing part of the ultra-Zionists, was the good goyim Christians working for free to help out Israel. One especially delusional puritan goy even wanted to join the IDF. Metaphorically, this personifies the deeply Judaified, heavily religious American Christians, duped into buying and fighting the Iraq war, and are now gearing up to spill blood in Iran.

Even the name "Ultra-Zionists" are not meant to elicit much fear or emotion as labeling someone a "far-right extremist" as many are in the media.

Overall, he presents an only slightly morally biased account of the Israelis usurping Palestinian territory. His narration, a sober, meek monotone portraying the events from a perspective of an impartial observer. But if you came to see a wimpy, libtarded coward moralise smugly and supremely, you haven't see anything yet.

Louis Theroux, and the Nazis

At the start of the episode, the tone is set; Theroux had set out on a moral crusade. "Do you consider other people's feelings?" He inquires an oddball WN mother taping down a Swastika onto her kitchen floor. The contrast with the Zionists is vividly presented. This formerly quivering, apologetic coward, now a big brave battler of this naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Meeting Tom Metzger is the same deal, but even worse. He initiates his liberal moral outrage mode in relation to Metzger claiming blacks commit more violent crimes and how the justice system is geared against White racial loyalty, but they quickly recover this indiscretion and become something reminiscent of friendly. Embarrassingly, Theroux has a tendency towards trying to be the liberal, almost Calvinist in character priest; Trying to extract a confession or repudiation of their evil, sinful ways.

Upon meeting a group of skinheads, he morally castigates them for asking if he was Jewish, and cheekily declines to answer (even though they promised to kick his arse off camera if he was). This demonstrates the lack of fear in regard to his morally mandated enemy; he is the eternal invincible liberal ubermensch facing off against the ideological scourge victoriously. Of course, his colour blind antiracial shield was up!

Louis effortlessly oozes disgust over the neo-Nazi supremacists and their ideology, but forces himself to demonstrate something reminiscent of sympathy for the Israeli cause. I can hardly blame him for being afraid of the Zionists extremists in their own country, but the unequivocal lack of respect he has for the US Nazis, and the naively deluded, colour-blind way he approached the post-apartheid South Africa Boer warriors like Eugene Terre Blanche compounded by the irrational multiculti, antiracist message he is sent out to promote, makes his socio-political bias too overwhelming  take him seriously. He is an emasculated, moral coward posing as a reporter or "exposer" of extremist groups, with a thinly veiled agenda to promote. Nothing more.

Though I'd have to add, at a greater level, the people he met in this episode were symbolic of the collapse and smoldering ruin of Nazi ideals and the constantly reinforced archetype in the mainstream; they become a joke, an ideological laughing stock, the last refuge of the vulgar and hypocritical mongoloid subhuman haters. In the end, both groups hold extreme nationalist/supremacist ideologies (though I'd say definitely that the pseudo-Nazis are merely attention-seeking, street trash morons and should not resemble anything NEAR a public voice for racially conscious Whites), but which one is actively pursuing their ambitions and displacing their foes? And contrast that with whom earns the most moral contempt and smug admonition by high priest Theroux, the real star of the show. The results are indicative of a society in need of a big fix, and timely.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whites and Prison: Harsh Realities

I find a very interesting article in the November edition of American Renaissance, a great pro-White news site and resource on racial realism and other various topics and news. This article, a personal account written by a American White prisoner named Howard Scott Lacy, currently housed in segregation for being part of a "hate gang"; read: Whites who had the gall to band together and cultivate something like a White racial consciousness to combat adversity, instead of being physically slaughtered and sexually subjugated individually, as their system would have it. It's a very eye opening account to the racial realities Whites face in prison. It's definitely worth the read. There are many disturbing parallels between mainstream Western society and how prisons are run.
Any white man in a Texas prison who joins one of the many gangs is “confirmed” as a member of a Security Threat Group (STG) and goes to seg. In many cases, a man ends up here for nothing more than having pro-white literature or showing any kind of racial pride or awareness.
 Once a man is listed as a member of an STG, he goes into a nationwide database and is even listed on government “terrorist” watch lists. He stays in that database for years after he is released. When police officers check our names, even during a routine traffic stop, they are cautioned to “treat the situation as if it were a felony takedown,” and to consider us “armed and dangerous.” This classification has nothing to do with our criminal records — most whites are in prison for non-violent crimes — and even less with any allegedly “terrorist” activities. We become STG members simply because we have shown white solidarity.  

Just like on the outside, White pride or solidarity is equated to hate-mongerer, Nazism, White supremacism; but no matter what its described as, the public know it's bad. But in this case, Whites are the exception to that rule.

The courts have ruled that no matter how much sense it would make to separate prisoners by race, that is impossible because it would be discrimination against minorities. It does not matter that whites are the ones who suffer most from integration, society must protect the “civil rights” of those who prey on us. The irony is that most of the young whites who suddenly find themselves in this hell never had a “racist” or “hateful” thought until they came to prison and learned the truth.
Indeed, the same is true for education, racially integrated classrooms can tend towards a jungle, depending on their demographics. This can help to explain the poor quality education most public school students receive now in many areas, and not only in the US.

I should point out that Hispanic gang members, like whites, are automatically classified as members of STGs. For reason not clear to me, members of black gangs are not automatically classified as members of STGs, and therefore are not automatically put in seg. Because they remain in the general population, blacks are usually required to take rehab classes, and this helps their reintegration into society — at least for those who want to go straight. Their chances of parole are also much better simply because they are not in seg and are not listed as part of an STG.

The policy is really the same here as it is in the rest of society. It is perfectly normal for blacks, especially, to hate whites, so no one pays special attention to it. In prison, whites learn very quickly that they need a racial consciousness in order to survive. That is just as forbidden here as it is on the outside, so we are the ones who suffer most from racial conflict. Whites who never thought in terms of race are forced to do so once they get here — and are then punished for something that was forced on them by blacks and Hispanics who had a strong racial consciousness long before they were even arrested. Don’t even get me started on how unfair this is and what we must go through on account of this malicious double standard.
Many people believe that since we are criminals, we have put ourselves in this situation and deserve whatever we get. I agree that we are responsible for our own actions and their consequences. I can’t tell you how sick I am of people who prey on society and then start screaming about “rights” once they get here. Blacks are notorious for this. But it is wrong to force integration on prisoners and then punish whites for doing — belatedly and less effectively — what the others have been doing all along.
Compare the White attitude to their criminals with various other ethnic groups. Incomprehensible to Whites, non-White racial unity and loyalty can tend towards their lowest common denominators.

It is always easy to tell when a female guard, nurse, clerk, etc. is walking the hall because of the tremendous noise that follows her. Blacks will stand in the doors of their cells or line the windows three or four deep, screaming and yelling sexual suggestions and abuse. All women get this treatment: old, young, attractive, homely. Even grandmotherly types who are doing something that benefits inmates, like passing out mail, get the same treatment. Blacks honestly seem to believe that all women, especially white women, are sluts. “Dem hos be want dat nigga dick!”

Sexual aggressiveness doesn’t end with yelling. Blacks expose themselves and masturbate at the sight of these women, whether it is in the infirmary, in the day room, in the chow hall, in church, in their cells with their cellies, on the sidewalk, or in a group. They ejaculate through the bars, on the floor, against the walls. They seem to have no idea how repulsive they are. Whites — at least the ones who stand up for themselves — will not put up with this kind of public perversity, and it has been the cause of plenty of riots. 

A few women seem to enjoy the attention. Some encourage the men by talking dirty or helping them masturbate. Some even have intercourse with prisoners. They may do this in exchange for stamps, which they used to be able to turn in at the post office for money, or even just for a candy bar or a soda. These are extreme cases, and they are usually black women. Most blacks at least seem to take the screaming in stride, and even pride themselves on being “down.”

 I have a story from years ago when I was in the general population. There had been tension with blacks — a very common thing — and we fully expected a riot to break out in the recreation or “rec” yard. At that time we often buried shanks in the dirt part of the rec yard so they would be available in case of trouble. It was too risky to carry a knife or keep one in your quarters, and the rec yard was where there was most likely to be fighting.

These hidden shanks were no secret to the other inmates or even the staff, and from time to time guards swept the yard with metal detectors. On that day, when we got out on the rec yard, it was only me and two other whites — only two others who were prepared to fight, anyway — facing 60 or 70 blacks. I don’t know how many it would have taken to whip the three of us, but I know they were all going to attack us!

My brothers and I immediately went for the shanks, but they were gone! The staff had swept the field. We assumed we were in for a severe beating, with or without the shanks. We decided we had nothing to lose, however, if we decided to act as if we had found them. We walked boldly up to the leaders and made our demand (one of them had stolen a brother’s radio, and we wanted it back). The whole time, we kept our hands in our pants as if we were carrying knives — and they bought it. The three of us made the whole pack of them back down. It makes a good story now, but I was scared to death.
Racial diversity: Because we're all equals, even when we're not.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ukrainian Feminists Protest NZ Radio "Win a Wife" competition Topless

Apparently, eastern Europe is not immune from the virus of feminism. A New Zealand radio show, The Rock, was holding a competition which would send a fortunate listener to Ukraine to "Win a Wife", which sparked up a fierce response from a bunch of nubile feminists belonging to an organisation called Femen, who, understanding the power of their "assets", decided to protest topless.

Here's the NSFW images of the protest. It's clear what the major difference between Western feminists and Eastern European ones are.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Football Hooligan Culture

One thing I've been aware of for a while, but especially knocked onto me upon watching The Football Factory, is the European football hooligan culture writ large. It's a cultural phenomenon that I'm sure most of us from the extended Anglosphere are not particularly in tune with.

The film does just enough to warrant my recommendations to my readers, for any who are intrigued by hooligan violence and, essentially, the pointlessly distracting battles of a subverted-but fired up White class. Undeniably, it has a slight anti-racist message foisting itself upon the viewer remorselessly, but this all but detracts from the thoroughly entertaining piece of cinematography. It follows Tom Johnson, a man who in is own words:
"...I'm just another bored male in a dead-end job, approaching thirty, who lives for the weekend..."
The epitomy of the ideologically emptied, fleeting Western male in a crumbling civilisation, sold a dystopia packaged as a utopia, post-purchase dissonance subdued and muffled by drink and gang scuffle. A loser class with no higher calling, no responsibilities and no respect for a society than has wiped him with his own arse. The fashions, the dialects, the semi-coherent colloquialisms. One thug bashing another over sporting allegiances, pissed and coked off his tree. And these are the material demographic bulk of the generations who would have been fighting in the World Wars. One must ask himself, what the fuck happened to England?

To me, sports are a sharpening of ones' survival mechanism, sating the male desires to hunt and experience life on adrenaline edge. But for most of us, its just communal clustering over a screen, or even a solitary act, with which you utilise as conversational fodder later.

Though, European football is a different species entirely. Having transitioned from a non-violent spectator sport to organised brawling, a testament to the triumphant of proto-tribalist loyalty and inter-fighting of an ethnic group. No ideology, no thought, just fist, elbow and foot connecting with face. This is a symbolic representative of our future, whether we like it or not, because there will be much blood. Of course, this formerly Anglo Saxon tradition, like our productivity, has been outsourced further east to foreigners, less concerned with your state of welfare.

If anything, these organised gang brawls are but the last instinctual flickering of the evolutionary responses of working class Brits. It's a reaction against the highly subversively, anti-White, anti-human nature system with which they find themselves living in. It demonstrates that cultural Marxism fails, people cannot be totally stripped down, reformed into a more malleable organism. The trials and tribulations of these hooligans show one major thing, an emergence of some kind of pre-Western collapse proto-tribalism.

But despite the buzz of the sport and fighting, its ultimately a waste. A waste of the twenties and thirties , a middling or non-existent genetic legacy breeding selves out of existence, products of an aimless working class who has no resort but their sport,  their socially sponsored distraction, testosterone-burner, sating their reptile brains' desire to fight. The evolutionary extent of severely subverted White class is largely put to the test in England, a society obsessed with low-class interventionist talk shows and facing off to mediocre job prospects, and the real bulk of Anglo-Saxon breeding is done by those with no husband or father on welfare.

But if there is to be any upside to this movement, it is the EDL. The English Defence League is the epitome of this football hooligan culture, taken into a street-level political movement officially opposed against Muslim extremism, with a lot of potential for the future. Yes, at the moment it is a heavily politically correct bit of a multiracial wank-festival, but its heart is in the right place. If rumours of BNP links are true, the potential is for a further evolution good for the future of white England is ripened; Fighting in the street while the BNP does their battling in parliament, against Mohammedan masses and the LibLabCon behemoth respectively.

Althought the ranks of most football hooligan firms are filled with wasters and criminals, there is an upside. The potential for any movement such as this, filled with young men angry at their society and wanting some outlet to rebel against it, to be absorbed and directed by a right-minded political entity provides an great opportunity for utilisation in a more productive direction. Which is, after all, what is heavily bereft for a lot of White males in the West; a solid direction and sense of ethno-nationalistic pride to follow.