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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Football Hooligan Culture

One thing I've been aware of for a while, but especially knocked onto me upon watching The Football Factory, is the European football hooligan culture writ large. It's a cultural phenomenon that I'm sure most of us from the extended Anglosphere are not particularly in tune with.

The film does just enough to warrant my recommendations to my readers, for any who are intrigued by hooligan violence and, essentially, the pointlessly distracting battles of a subverted-but fired up White class. Undeniably, it has a slight anti-racist message foisting itself upon the viewer remorselessly, but this all but detracts from the thoroughly entertaining piece of cinematography. It follows Tom Johnson, a man who in is own words:
"...I'm just another bored male in a dead-end job, approaching thirty, who lives for the weekend..."
The epitomy of the ideologically emptied, fleeting Western male in a crumbling civilisation, sold a dystopia packaged as a utopia, post-purchase dissonance subdued and muffled by drink and gang scuffle. A loser class with no higher calling, no responsibilities and no respect for a society than has wiped him with his own arse. The fashions, the dialects, the semi-coherent colloquialisms. One thug bashing another over sporting allegiances, pissed and coked off his tree. And these are the material demographic bulk of the generations who would have been fighting in the World Wars. One must ask himself, what the fuck happened to England?

To me, sports are a sharpening of ones' survival mechanism, sating the male desires to hunt and experience life on adrenaline edge. But for most of us, its just communal clustering over a screen, or even a solitary act, with which you utilise as conversational fodder later.

Though, European football is a different species entirely. Having transitioned from a non-violent spectator sport to organised brawling, a testament to the triumphant of proto-tribalist loyalty and inter-fighting of an ethnic group. No ideology, no thought, just fist, elbow and foot connecting with face. This is a symbolic representative of our future, whether we like it or not, because there will be much blood. Of course, this formerly Anglo Saxon tradition, like our productivity, has been outsourced further east to foreigners, less concerned with your state of welfare.

If anything, these organised gang brawls are but the last instinctual flickering of the evolutionary responses of working class Brits. It's a reaction against the highly subversively, anti-White, anti-human nature system with which they find themselves living in. It demonstrates that cultural Marxism fails, people cannot be totally stripped down, reformed into a more malleable organism. The trials and tribulations of these hooligans show one major thing, an emergence of some kind of pre-Western collapse proto-tribalism.

But despite the buzz of the sport and fighting, its ultimately a waste. A waste of the twenties and thirties , a middling or non-existent genetic legacy breeding selves out of existence, products of an aimless working class who has no resort but their sport,  their socially sponsored distraction, testosterone-burner, sating their reptile brains' desire to fight. The evolutionary extent of severely subverted White class is largely put to the test in England, a society obsessed with low-class interventionist talk shows and facing off to mediocre job prospects, and the real bulk of Anglo-Saxon breeding is done by those with no husband or father on welfare.

But if there is to be any upside to this movement, it is the EDL. The English Defence League is the epitome of this football hooligan culture, taken into a street-level political movement officially opposed against Muslim extremism, with a lot of potential for the future. Yes, at the moment it is a heavily politically correct bit of a multiracial wank-festival, but its heart is in the right place. If rumours of BNP links are true, the potential is for a further evolution good for the future of white England is ripened; Fighting in the street while the BNP does their battling in parliament, against Mohammedan masses and the LibLabCon behemoth respectively.

Althought the ranks of most football hooligan firms are filled with wasters and criminals, there is an upside. The potential for any movement such as this, filled with young men angry at their society and wanting some outlet to rebel against it, to be absorbed and directed by a right-minded political entity provides an great opportunity for utilisation in a more productive direction. Which is, after all, what is heavily bereft for a lot of White males in the West; a solid direction and sense of ethno-nationalistic pride to follow.

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Anonymous said...

It is good that the hooligans have balls and a spine; something entirely lacking in their white detractors. Of course sense of self preservation and direction has been criminalized for whites in general so that this is not something that they display, but they could. If the EDL stops hiding behind jews to prove that it's legitimate then you can bet that the official response to the hooligan culture will go into a frenzy in order to avert what they are so obviously most afraid of - that white people develop a sense of self preservation and group loyalty at or above the level that is present in the non white communities (in fact encouraged in them as being 'part of their culture'). Well it will inevitably be 'part of white (this case English) culture, and not dependent on hiding behind the slightly off white group that the govt-media complex still considers the only thing close to white that it is willing to endorse the preservation of.

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