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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democracy Shows its Frailty in England

Here's an interesting development.

Lutfur Rahman, a Bangladeshi Muslim,  was recently elected as Mayor of the Tower Hamlets, or east-end London. What makes it all the more interesting:

"...His victory was all the more galling for Labour as it sacked him as its candidate last month, over his alleged dealings with the Islamic Forum of Europe [extremist group], and concerns over alleged vote-rigging. He denies the claims...."

And here's a picture of the man, with a Mohammedan, white-robed, sand-Gandalf, his top advisor, in toe.

All the more disturbing is sand-Gandalf's views on Christians, Sharia, and integration:

Very scary times for Britain, indeed. It just goes to show that democracy is only an ally of white kaffir English while they are still in the majority. And by the look of it, those times are quickly coming to an abrupt end.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mega Metal Mash Up

Something to liven up a friday night.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

M4 Monologue

I forgot to mention this earlier, but I have joined the team at the prestigious Aussie blog M4Monologue, recently. I'll mostly be re-posting new pieces I put on here, but it's definitely worth a look for the posters and comment contributions.

Here's a tribute to the Aussies.

Political Correctness in Gen Y

I was sitting in a class at my university,  a fairly talkative bunch, about the low cost of goods at supermarkets, then  the conversation shifted a little, the lecturer harped in: "...You can always tell if you see an Indian buying a bulk-load of soft drinks at the supermarket, that they're buying them to sell in their dairy." A guy in the class, around 20, a drug-using pseudo-punk musician, had to harp in: "Woooah! That's a little racist, isn't it!?" The sheer anxious indignation at the comment inspired little hope to that contrary that a sizable portion of Gen-Y has been pathologically embedded with a PC doctrine, that inspires an affective response of fear, discomfort and distress to any un-PC approved content. Contrastingly, I chuckled at the original comment in acknowledgment, and an older woman and I had to correct him.

The ironic thing was that my lecturer is far from white, in any stretch of the imagination. It seems that the R-word is no longer limited to your typical white person in normal language (though I doubt it is as effective for non-whites as it is for whites). Indeed, any public admittance of an extrapolation of a common feature of race is a source of anxiety for some of my fellow generation.

It seems that the Political Correctness beast produces neurosis in its target population, upon which it seizes in an eternal feedback loop, by redirecting the anxiety borne of its control, towards any conversation that might give way to something that is not mindless Multiculti Approved  (tm) subject matter, feeding a cycle of further anxiety and further self-censorship.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why being English must suck

You have effeminate tossers like this telling you what culture to celebrate and when to celebrate it. Only one night a year, if its anything he deems not part of the multi-culti. Can you imagine making this kind of advertisement in his ancestral land?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paul Henry in Retrospect

For those of you who have been living under a rock in recent times, popularly politically incorrect TV morning show host Paul Henry got under fire in the recent weeks for a couple of 'racist' comments. Here he asks the prime minister if we'll get a Governor General who looks and sounds like a Kiwi (current one is an Indian), and here, he has a laugh about an Indian top-dog called "Sheila Dikshit." No big deal, right? Oh no, very wrong. Big hoopla. He succumbed to the pressure of his elites and quit during his two-week stand-down.

I've been tracking the snowstorm these comments have produced, and it's not pretty (or consistent). The butt-hurt is strong with this one.

Apparently, if you're Indian, and if a large proportion of the Indian-named Youtube comments/plus an Indian TV shows debating whether Paul Henry should be sacked, are to be consistent with the feelings of mainstream Indians (only 30% possess toilets, mind you, hence the great irony of the name), the anti-white sentiment is being imbibed freely, with gems including comparing the comments to how WWI started, how the white race is coming to an end, and general threats against Paul and his mother.

Of course, our Kiwi and our Western liberal comrades came to the pathetic rescue, apologising profusely, distancing themselves as representatives of the "people", and scorning the man, while simultaneously doing the metaphorical equivalent of kneeling down and licking up spittle of their would-be foreign appease-ees. Thanks for jumping on board, fellas.

But the real icing on the cake is the sheer irony that India thinks it can bestow and condemn any other nation for racism, when it practices its own ancient, supposedly "modernised" discrimination in its own home, with the caste system. More closer to home, a white looking girl joined a Miss India NZ beauty contest, and was given abuse by a crowd for "...not looking Indian enough." Overall, it seems the whites are meant to take on collective guilt, and Indians are to take on collective amnesia, for the past and present.

We have taken on a collective Western identity culture, where we hold ourselves up to the highest level of critique, and bestow upon our enemies the encouragement and sponsorship to hone in and exploit that self-flagellation, like ravenous, rabies-ridden canines.  And the individualist corporatist elites incharge, the ones who ultimately control people like Henry's pay cheque, they make the call to sell us down the river and singularly focus on profit: Don't rock the boat, it's full of money. Of course, New Zealand is still in the early stages, the fact like people like Henry can even exist without being assaulted by far-left thugs is a strong indication of that.

This problem is a twin-headed beast of: Cultivation of a foreign entitlement-complex, self-flagellating enabling of a multiculturalist dream, and that we focus on stupid, non-issues like this in our media. A mass-made vehicle for bread and circuses to keep the mind off of the issues of importance. The failure of the New Delhi Commonwealth games, for one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Downside of Anti-Smoking: Why we Shouldn't Stigmatise Cigarettes

Inspired by the April tax-hike on tobacco, I decided to weigh in on the issue itself.

How far we have come in the 21st century in the realm of Western politics. We have a center-right political party making decisions based on "encouraging good habits". Inherently, this is nanny state social policy wrapped in a sandwich of thin-crusted,  pseudo-fiscal conservatism.

As a former smoker, I have a certain amount of comradeship with those wheezing bastards. And one thing you can't help but notice, is a relentless campaign of demonising smokers disproportionately in society. Indeed, I would not be surprised to see an advert cursing the evils of smoking, followed a few adverts later glorifying the taste of Steinlager.

Probable hyperbole aside, I have found a lot of shared attributes of the most vocal and ardent non-smokers, for instance, a strong desire to be "healthy", with the over-inflated, media-enforced, alleged serious negative effects of second-hand smoke, and usually possessing an overweight or underweight build, unhealthy drinking habits, or some kind of psychological chip-on-the-shoulder, or a state-sponsored smug sense of moral-superiority, transmitted by socially sponsored anti-smoker sentiment.

Many anti-smokers will decry the costs that smokers inflict on society with their self-inflicted diseases, and that the public shouldn't have to foot the bill. After all, they're smokers.

But what benefit does the government derive from dissuading people from smoking? Obviously less tax revenue from cigarette sales, is an obvious one. One might argue, "But that is dismal compared to the cost smokers cost our health system!" Not so. Another issue few factor in, when balancing the costs and benefits of smoking, is the fact we have an aging population. This aging population, currently sitting at around 78 for men, and 82 for women as seen below, is a massive drain on the economy via pensions, especially consider that women nowadays aren't having enough kids to replace our own population and the coming pensioner-ship Baby Boom exasperating the issue further. 

Source: Statistics New Zealand:
According to mainstream medical numbers, smokers die 10 years earlier, which, if this is the case, will cause a windfall for society via dying earlier, as the Czechs have found. A morbid benefit from a bad habit? Maybe. But statistics don't lie. Not to mention the fact that tobacco smoking is non intoxicating substance, making it suitable for smokers to work and function as a normal, productive member of society, at least in the vast majority of cases.

The Myth of Life Eternal:

Anti-Smoker's attitude: "People don't even want to smoke, because of seeing all of the terrible things and diseases that happen to smokers. People have become more health conscious and aware of what can harm them, and they want to avoid being old and decrepit."

I'll let Bill Hicks answer that.

"...I'm gonna tell you non-smokers right now, that I know for a fact that you don't know. And I delight in telling my brothers things they don't know, particularity when they're true... Which this is. Ready? Drum roll......
Non-smokers die.. Every day. Sleep tight!
You see I know you entertain some type of eternal life fantasy because you choose not to smoke, let me be the first to POP that bubble, and send you hurdling back to reality... You're dead too..."

Roman Empire

'Cause the Greeks weren't quite epic enough.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Geert Wilders Trial

Inspired by this blog post here, encouraging all bloggers who support Geert Wilders to write a post about it.

For those of you who don't know, Geert Wilders, the classical liberalist Dutch politician, is going through trial currently for alledged hate speech, presented in his film Fitna, which essentially showed some Islamic verses and quotes aligned to some video of violent/fundamental Muslim speeches and actions. The Netherlands has turned into a place where even speaking the truth is now illegal, if its offends the sensibilities of Mohammedans and their leftist apologists.

The bigger threat to the Dutch intelligentsia Geert presents is the challenging of the culturally relativist ideology spewed by mainstream society, and a rejection of the notion that Islam is a religion of peace, when in reality, it is an ideology of Submission.

Opposing Islam openly and directly has mean't that not only Geert Wilders faces criminal charges, but he has to live with constant police protection due to the constant threats of death he faces to avoid becoming another Theo Van Gogh.

Here's a clip of the trial on day three.