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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democracy Shows its Frailty in England

Here's an interesting development.

Lutfur Rahman, a Bangladeshi Muslim,  was recently elected as Mayor of the Tower Hamlets, or east-end London. What makes it all the more interesting:

"...His victory was all the more galling for Labour as it sacked him as its candidate last month, over his alleged dealings with the Islamic Forum of Europe [extremist group], and concerns over alleged vote-rigging. He denies the claims...."

And here's a picture of the man, with a Mohammedan, white-robed, sand-Gandalf, his top advisor, in toe.

All the more disturbing is sand-Gandalf's views on Christians, Sharia, and integration:

Very scary times for Britain, indeed. It just goes to show that democracy is only an ally of white kaffir English while they are still in the majority. And by the look of it, those times are quickly coming to an abrupt end.

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