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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Political Correctness in Gen Y

I was sitting in a class at my university,  a fairly talkative bunch, about the low cost of goods at supermarkets, then  the conversation shifted a little, the lecturer harped in: "...You can always tell if you see an Indian buying a bulk-load of soft drinks at the supermarket, that they're buying them to sell in their dairy." A guy in the class, around 20, a drug-using pseudo-punk musician, had to harp in: "Woooah! That's a little racist, isn't it!?" The sheer anxious indignation at the comment inspired little hope to that contrary that a sizable portion of Gen-Y has been pathologically embedded with a PC doctrine, that inspires an affective response of fear, discomfort and distress to any un-PC approved content. Contrastingly, I chuckled at the original comment in acknowledgment, and an older woman and I had to correct him.

The ironic thing was that my lecturer is far from white, in any stretch of the imagination. It seems that the R-word is no longer limited to your typical white person in normal language (though I doubt it is as effective for non-whites as it is for whites). Indeed, any public admittance of an extrapolation of a common feature of race is a source of anxiety for some of my fellow generation.

It seems that the Political Correctness beast produces neurosis in its target population, upon which it seizes in an eternal feedback loop, by redirecting the anxiety borne of its control, towards any conversation that might give way to something that is not mindless Multiculti Approved  (tm) subject matter, feeding a cycle of further anxiety and further self-censorship.

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