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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Videos for White Nationalists

Here is but a small collection of Youtube videos I recommend my fellow WN to look into. Check out my channel here for more.

David Duke:

David Duke on The Holocaust:

William Pierce:

NXSchell: The Antiracist Hypocrisy:

The great Jared Taylor of Amren "Debates" a Black Lawyer:

A reading of the Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, Race and IQ:

Kevin MacDonald:

MrHerrIQ: The Magic Negro Archetype:

Enoch Powell: River of Blood Speech:

Barbara Spektor on the Jewish Role in Immigration:


Friday, January 28, 2011

Fear and Loathing in the Post Feminist World

It's an undeniable fact to anyone with a sense of impartiality that when it comes to the sexual market, women tend to have it better off, an easier ride, than men. To quote the comedian Jim Jeffries "I've met dwarf sluts, I've never met a dwarf stud... Except maybe in their own realm..." Indeed, for my male brethren, unless you are an active proponent of game, rich, powerful, or the picture of athleticism, you're in for a bit of an uphill slog in terms of the sexual market, these days (unless you're willing to drop your standards). Social power and dominance is the key for men who have any ambitions of coital conquest, and the system won't make it any easier for you.

However, it seems to be that the modern day courting ritual has largely devolved to be an empty void replete with endless series of  inter-gender one up-manships, shit-tests, and general bullshittery. Looking at dating advice columns or books for women further proves my point. A true illustration of our society's total embrace of compartmentalisation and materialism, consummated at the grandiose, strobe-lit alter of our consumer Gods. Everything dressed up as essentially a transaction, a bargain to be made or had. Visceral human nature dressed up in the latest faux-chic threads and tailor made shoes. A juxtaposition of carnal humanity and the marvels of technological advance.

Of course, for those of you with less options or less discerning tastes, there are other options at hand. '

The Futurist predicts that a move towards more realistic sex technology might force women, with diminished power over men in terms of sexual and social appeal, to be compliant and loving towards men. You know, feminine?

However, the outcome I see as much more realistic and in line with the established cultural narrative, is that female interest groups react to the introduction of female sexbots and hyper-realistic holographic virtual reality sex by trying to criminalise all such tech.

This will be a movement, fueled by feminist women and mangina Christian social conservative males, akin to the Temperance movement of the early nineteenth century. Instead of having a butch bullduke behemoth Carrie A. Nation bursting into a saloon and axing barrels full of liquid gold, we'll have slight but masculine feminist executives complete with their post-menopausal mustache making calls and organising rallies to block the sale and distribution of such items. It will be a cloak of puritanism thinly veiling a lust for power.

The temptation for men to withdraw into a cloudy somniferum of hedonism, complete with the latest Xbox console and a High Definition projector for Youporn clips might be tempting, but remember this: The Powers That Be wants you good and sedate. Too satisfied (not with society of course, but with the most recent ejaculation) to lift a finger to change things. It's bread and circuses in the modern world.

Hell, they push masturbation in education as much as they push Ritalin for young boys. Why? Well, it seems to, in high frequency, sap men's vitality, and to keep men nice and pleasantly obedient. In short, to keep you complacent enough about the status quo to leave it be. If you're used to pounding one off when you're stressed or pissed off about things instead of finding a solution or fighting, you're gonna use that stress relief mechanism. Take this literally, or as a metaphor for the current state of affairs, or both. A sort of compartmentalisation of life's problems, by diverting your angst from one part of your life to another, more controllable part where you can vent your energy in a less active way. Now imagine this on a grand scale.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Monday, January 24, 2011

SWPL of the Week: Why Avatar is a Piece of Garbage Propaganda

Greetings. I haven't done an SWPL of the Week in a while, so what better than to rip into the leftist enviro-fetishistic-treatise-on-European-colonisation-thinly-veiled-in-Scifi-Drama by the dreaded James Cameron?

This is a movie I had heard about and had been meaning to see for a while due to the hype surrounding it. Not so much for the "Zomg good grafix" aspect, but for the political symbolism and leftist rhetoric that it was purported to spout. Now, I won't lie, I eat that shit up like a fat kid eats cake, and couldn't resist an offer to watch it over the holidays.

Note: I intend to spoil the whole plot. Don't worry, you're not missing much.

Avatar is set around 150 years in the future, and the entire movie is set in a different solar system to our own, on a planet called Pandora, which is apparently some kind of living organism where its humanoid inhabitants, the tribal Na'vi, live within and interact with it in a state of unraped harmony. Sound familiar?

Then, of course we have a megalomaniac Earth-based pan-planetary corporation seeking to exploit its most precious resource called-get this- Unobtanium. I'm under the assumption that the corporation, lead by the extremely unconvincing and poorly acted Giovanni Ribisi, which is supposed to represent some kind of White Devil (tm)  imperialist stereotype from history.

Interesting, the Na'vi themselves look like a fusion of many features of SWPL fetishes: Grasshoppers, lions, tribal Amerindians, Zulus and furries, and seem to be largely acted by blacks and hispanics.

SWPL Wet Dream Personified

Back onto the story, we have a protagonist called Jake,  a crippled ex-marine, who is taken on by the corporation to infiltrate a Na'vi community housed on a large supply of Unobtanium, utilising the corporation's technology that allows humans to essentially pilot captured Na'vi bodies as if he were one of them, from a distant location. Of course, being a secret SWPL, his undercover infiltration goes awry as he becomes to empathise with the noble alien savages, and he decides to side with them against the evil White-I mean human corporatists (meanwhile, he is under the control of human technology to exist along side the Na'vi, in a state of stasis in a human device that allows him to pilot the Na'vi body his former friends stole. Humans also cannot breath in the Na'vi home world without oxygen masks. He is also crippled. Do you see where I'm going with this?), and they fight a massive battle in which the Na'vi fight bravely, but sadly endure huge casualties, beginning to lose... Until the ecology and various creatures turn against the humans.

After that, a boss battle ensues between Na'vi Jake and the evil skinhead leader of the PMC hired by the corporation, technology versus mounted beast. To show you where the movie's agenda is aimed, during the melee the skin headed commander asks Na'vi Jake the laughably transparent line: "How does it feel to betray your race?" Of course, the battle is won by the SWPL and their tribal kin, and everything is all peachy as the humans (except a mixed race team of Jake, his bohemian stoner friend, hippy Sigourney Weaver, and a Latino) of the corporation are humiliatingly expelled from the planet forever, and the Na'vi utilise their magical mumbo jumbo voodoo to permanently transfer the injured Jake into permanent Na'vi form.

Aw, what a happy ending.

Not surprisingly, the entirety of the main nemeses to the Na'vi and Jake are all whites- I think the only exception may have been a black foot soldier or two.

So in reality, we have nothing new to see here, just the leftist-progressive equivalent of a cinematic Roman  triumphant through the dystopic remains of the post-Western world. A symbolic parade of masochistic extreme out-group loyalty and self-hatred on display for the entire world to see.

If the West hopes to regain any shred of self-respect, we must evacuate our collectives bowels of any of the glorified anyone-but-us-altruistic nonsense that this movie seems to personify. Make no bones about it, the people, like James Cameron, who pump this shit into the heads of our young and old alike, are our enemies.

The Face of Your Enemy

Friday, January 21, 2011

White Revolution, Activism and Excuses

This article from the Occidental Observer echoed some similiar thoughts I'd had lately about white activism, and the implications of past-and present-strategies present in all spectrums of White groups.

There is a tendency in the most fervent and isolated "White" groups of the past to take things to their logical extreme, take Richard Jay Mathews, for example. He was a white nationalist who formed a group called the Order, who conducted some successful robberies of armoured trucks and banks, and killed a few people. His life ended with a shoot out in his  house with cops in 1984. The whole aim of The Order was to incite some kind of racial conflict or revolution of whites through violence, I guess as some kind of racial nod towards Odinism or some barbarian nonsense and martyrdom, as if barbarity is the spirit of the European soul. 

But is our state of fearful complacently and web-refuge preferable to that? Is no action preferable to violent action?

What I do not process is why do the people who supposedly represent our best racial interests (or at least the ones in notorious groups like that do) try to fight a fourth century war in the twentieth or twenty first century? There's a model for the right way to take and manipulate power and culture, and it is everywhere you look. They're the cultural force that rule now; the liberal-progressive-multiculti establishment. We've been shown again and again with tragedy after tragedy and with each trampled right that most people don't give a shit, what's another 9/11 gonna do, but give the Powers to Be ammunition to squelch more rights and petition more troops for the latest neo-Con conflict? Look at the shameless Judeo-liberal political exploitation of the Jared Loughner shooting.

In the way that cultural Marxism slowly and slightly subverted the West, we can see it was a highly successful policy, even during an alert and paranoid "Cold War" West. That's essentially what should be done, rather than the counter-intuitive activity of murdering a Jewish radio or shooting it out with the police, thinking that these acts of martyrdom will earn any respect or even the slightest notice from the mainstream. will somehow awaken the sleeping masses into action. Fabian socialism? How about Fabian racialism? If the Alinsky approach worked for the leftists, why not for us?

It takes only a small, determined group with power to change the face and constitution of an entire nation. If there is a "racial war", its an instinctual, biological cold war that has existed in and not a physical war, with competing culture and media, and between political ideologies and nation states. Indeed, we have a culture war on our hands and most of us don't even realise it. And we're losing, we're getting our arses handed to us. Why? Well, laziness, fear, brainwashing and ignorance are all factoring in to excuse the majority of the population from any heavy lifting. But for the rest of us enlightened ideologues, its because we are not willing to bend or break the rules to achieve our aims. We have a self-imposed morality that prevents us from taking any action that might actually work, and use that as an excuse to not do anything.

Here's what I prescribe, we as a movement, of individuals or of collective entities, should do to curtail our inevitable societal and demographic decline. If we are to have any hope of advancing our agendas, whether it be paleo-conservativism, libertarianism, White nationalism, or just plain God Damn Survival, this is it:
  1. Gain power, as both individuals or as organised, global groups. Put aside our petty differences and realise our common interests in terms of maintaining a white majority and preserving our (non-liberal, non-socialised) European culture.
  2. Covertly develop a sense of White identity, in the form of European ethnic groups or a general white European identity, and popularise it with the main white population. Bring awareness to racial differences in testosterone, IQ, and the failures of multiculturalism.
  3. Alter and subvert culture and media to be more sympathetic to White Nationalist interests. Paint orthodox liberalism and egalitarian as ugly, hypocritical, corrupt, weak and a failure, in popular and less popular medium. Bring race back into mainstream discourse. Guys like Jared Taylor are crucial at this stage.
  4. Use gained power and influence to exercise in the form of: backing WN politicians, sponsoring anti-immigration policies, anti-affirmative action, pro-middle class, .etc,  appealing specifically to whites.
  5. Take power.
Anything is preferable to our current position of existing in a nice, safe state of refuge on the internet.

We have to face facts that as a group, we have had crazy fuckers. And now, we have no fuckers.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reality TV Show: White Re-Education Camp/"Anti-Racism" Experiment

Greeting readers. My sincere apologies for the long lag in posts, due to Christmas holidays and a general lack of inspiration to write. I've found that blogging can be a precarious thing. The drive to do so can diminish dependent on circumstance and external events, and so can the interest in doing so.

But one thing I find that never quite goes away, is my interest in  politics and especially white identity. A natural sense of white ethnocentrism did not hurt, but combine that with a relatively conservative family political upbringing in my earlier years helped cultivate my politics and ideology the way it has.

Here's an interesting piece of reality television. To me, it looks like an audacious, verging on decadent, display of Soviet-style enforcement of white guilt and an escalation of racial tension in the name of the Almighty Lord of the Multiculti (tm). Cultural Marxism at its finest. Even the main villain in this saga, a decrepit, hatred-filled lizard comes off as some disturbing caricature of a sadistic Nazi film character fused with an evil school principal.

All four parts of the experiment:

It's not far-fetched to think a lot of these really fervent anti-racist [anti-white] activists are just looking for a politically correct and socially accepted [and sponsored] medium to spew the enduring venom that corses through their veins. The ideological drug of anti-racism matters little in its substance or truth, but the carthartic release, the chance to demonstrate your spasmodic ire and contempt for the anointed target during the State-sponsored Two Minutes Hate, this is what attracts a large portion of the crowd. The rest are masochistic white liberals, morons, and agenda-driven subverters.

I've touched a bit previously on the decline of England previously, but we can especially see that in these clips that it is becoming a place where the native Anglo Saxon majority is becoming increasingly dispossessed, isolated and victimised. Notice how a lot of non-whites relish in the entire experiment. And I thought only Whites could be racist, hm?

But it stands to reason: This is a country that pays welfare to people who want to destroy their country and make it an Islamic republic, and gives them police protection while they spit on and protest the return of British soldiers.

This is all indicative of a nation ruled by hostile elite. A hostile captain can only sail a ship to its destruction.

Sick society.