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Saturday, November 27, 2010

SWPL of the Week : Leonardo Dicaprio, Hollywood Leftist Tackles Tiger Extinction

Recently, these two unlikely figures became poster boys for the latest SWPL display of misplaced altruis-I mean a summit on saving the tiger.

Of course, what better place to focus your misplaced leftist universalist loyalty, than a carnivorous beast who would not hesitate to eat you given half a chance? I can understand Putin's angle, the perpetual Bond villian trying for some good 'ol  fashioned Western liberal publicity. What better way to demonstrate to your covert enemies' "elites" that you're like them than showing you care for the same irrelevant causes?

The elitist Hollywood liberal angle is something different entirely. For, to demonstrate you're one of them, you have to show that you have the same level of nihilistic contempt for your fellow man's struggle (unless it is as far removed as possible from your own demographic) while cheerleading for some irrelevant cause. This seems like the case with Dicaprio, he has to pay the piper in terms of showing he's part of the "The Hollywood Club".

In a healthy and upwardly mobile society, a demonstration of altruism would extend typically to one's own group, or, ingroup altruism, as Kevin Macdonald would call it. With all the racially motivated killings against whites in South Africa, the non-SWPL equivalent of attending a tiger conservation summit might be attending a SA Boer conservation summit, as their collective life expectancy doesn't look too hot, either. But in this highly individualist Western psychological climate, whites are less inclined to have any kind of group loyalty based on cultural or racial tradition, especially in the United States, the mecca of cultural Marxism.

In some ways, this couples itself with a more benign and less viscerally masochistic version of the Amy Biehl case. An upper class white girl goes out to South Africa to campaign against apartheid, and then is indiscriminately murdered by the very people she wants to free, which can only be worsened by her parents campaigning to have their daughter's killers excluded from the death penalty, and shaking their hands. Irony at its finest, or is it? If the Amy Biehl case is a cautionary tale of extreme liberal outgroup loyalty, this is a less severe version of the same affliction, coated in a glaze of self-satisfied apathy.

An inane cause like protecting an animal you will possibly only ever encounter only in zoos, which is lucky, because meeting it anywhere else will result in you becoming its dinner is a good example of how far removed SWPL interests are to the common man, and to common sense. For the SPWL crowd,  the much coveted display of extreme outgroup loyalty doesn't have to even extend to culturally/ethnically alien people. Indeed, in this case, the only similiarity and common identity being that they both are a mammalian class of vertebrate.

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