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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Career Women and Male Infidelity

Well, I'm back. My humblest apologies for the departure during exams. Anyway, straight into it.

Here's an interesting article. It essentially draws the conclusion that men in a relationship with a spouse that earns more than than them will cheat more, and tries to correlate that with a sense of "...[the woman] threatening the man's gender identity...", and this makes the guy cheat more, according to the writer.

But this very feminist conclusion neglects to mention other, more important factors, like the focus a career dispossesses a person of other aspects of their live (i.e, their partner), or the fact that more desirable woman tend to seek out men who earn more (note: rich old guys with young hotties), and also the fact that men don't tend to care if their spouse earns more. When applied, all these factors combine and pose a new hypothesis: Do women who out earn their male partners tend to be less sexually attracted or psychologically devoted to them?

Women do seem to go for men who have a drive and ability to succeed (and confidence, naturally), and what better indicator of that than money? The notion that having a society where women out earn men with no negatively associated consequences is a poorly drawn up one, at best. We can see a microsm of migration of higher-earning women from their group of men to others (or none) in the black community. Perhaps that, combined with soaring illegitimacy rates, is what the mainstream white population has to look forward to (or is already experiencing record numbers from 18%-30% in mainstream America from 1980-2000), though there is undeniable Human Bio-Diversity discrepancies between the white and black communities at play here.

The promotion of the career lifestyle in women in the feminist West had an unintended effect, (excluding the reduction of wage rates): The masculinisation of women, both mentally, and physically, reducing the presence of the idealised hour-glass figure of old as womens bodies change to accommodate the laborious and hormonal change (Hat tip to Reginald for the link.) will further hammer the into nail the coffin of Western society and speed up our inevitable decline, trading off stable traditionalism for pseudo-individualist nihilism.

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