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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Massachusetts Governor Cosying up With Radical Islame

A Massachusetts Governor embracing an extremist Muslim group (MAS), whom the leader of encourages violence against arresting officers and has had links with extremism.

Friday, May 28, 2010

China Welcomes Kim Jong Il with Open Arms,

 Original article here.

China's Insult to South Korea 
Written by Lee Byong-chul   
Monday, 10 May 2010
Beijing rolls out a red carpet for Kim Jong-Il 

China's decision to roll out a glitzy welcome mat for the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has stunned and shocked South Korea's leaders, ignoring South Korea's anger over the sinking, undoubtedly by the north, of a South Korean navy patrol ship on March 26 with the loss of 46 lives.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was not given any hint from his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao at a Shanghai summit meeting, hardly a week ago on May 1, that Kim was on his way to Beijing. It was on May 2 that the 68-year-old North Korean leader's clandestine visit initially went public.

Beijing's actions constitute the truncation of debate about controversial and complex issues over North Korea. Whatever China's motive might be, it is obnoxious for the Lee government, which has continued a decades-long effort to get along with Beijing, and which has vowed to investigate the mysterious explosion in a scientific and objective manner. In the face of widespread suspicion of North Korea's involvement, the highest-ranking political leaders of both North Korea and China have disregarded the South's concerns and hastened to meet with each other.

Obama: War on Terror is Over

 Original article here.

President Barack Obama has rejected George W. Bush’s doctrine that placed the “war on terror” at the centre of American foreign policy,

By Toby Harnden in Washington
Published: 10:00PM BST 27 May 2010
Barack Obama declares the 'War on Terror' is over
Barack Obama Photo: REUTERS
The US president has instead replaced it with a softer approach stressing “new partnerships” and multilateral diplomacy.

“Our long-term security will not come from our ability to instill fear in other peoples but through our capacity to speak to their hopes,” Mr Obama said in a message introducing a new national security strategy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

9/11 Mosque Approved by Board

Its becoming clearer and clearer that Islam's symbolic occupation (knocking down a symbol of the West and erecting their own) of the 9/11 attacks are coming to fruition.

Original article here.

Board approves mosque close to Ground Zero 

 Published: 12:02PM Thursday May 27, 2010

The New York Post is reporting that a community board in New York's Manhattan borough has granted its symbolic approval to the construction of a mosque close to the site of Ground Zero.
Ground Zero was where the World Trade Centre buildings once stood and which were destroyed by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Pakistan Restores Limited Control to Facebook After Blocking it for "Blasphemous Material"

You might remember a little while ago a little hoop-lah over the "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day" In Pakistan, leading them to block the site. Well, they've brought it back up with a nice dosing of censorship. My apologies for a lack up of updates recently.

Original article here.

Pakistan to restore YouTube, block certain videos
ISLAMABAD — Pakistan will restore access to YouTube but will block videos offensive to Muslims that are posted on the video-sharing site, the government said Wednesday.

A number of high-profile websites were blocked in Pakistan last week over offensive content, such as a Facebook page that urges users to post images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. Many citizens supported the crackdown, but some questioned why entire sites were blocked rather than specific pages or videos.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Man Incapable of Controlling Arms and Legs Accused of Sexual Abuse

A sociopathic female judge accuses a man with cerebral palsy (wheelchair bound) of sexually assaulting her. Here is a strong demonstration of how Western female privilege and their ultimate power of claiming victimhood in any situation reigns supreme - even when it comes to a disabled man being the "abuser". A victim complex and judicial power= bad combination.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

NSW Reverend says Ban the Burka

Original article here.

Right says Fred Nile, ban the burqa

May 14th, 2010.
THE Reverend Fred Nile will introduce a Bill to parliament calling for a ban on the Islamic burqa head and body veil.

A Little Fun With Animation.

 Here's a video I made for fun, mocking the retardation of far-leftists debating techniques.

David Horowitz Verses Muslim Jewish Genocide Advocate

 This is indicative of the attitude of native born Islamic extremists to their controversial ideas and the shameless public revelation of them. She doesn't even attempt to use taqiyya. T

Ground Zero Mosque Developer Has Muslim Brotherhood Connections

Hey fellows. Its been a bit of a while since I last posted on here, had a bit of busy week with study. This is an interesting development, the developer of the Ground zero mosque has Islamificative links.
Original article here.

Ground Zero Mosque Developer and Muslim Brotherhood

Written by Alyssa A. Lappen   
Friday, 14 May 2010 16:13

The prospective developer of a $100 million, 13-story mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero presents himself as a Muslim moderate (1). Yet Kuwait-born Faisal Abdul Rauf also boasts of his issue from an "Egyptian family steeped in religious scholarship" (2). Indeed, Feisal Rauf's Muslim Brotherhood provenance, radical by definition, is as authentic as it gets.
Rauf's father, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf (1917-2004) - an Egyptian contemporary of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna - conveyed to Feisal his family's long tradition of radicalism, which he acquired at Islam's closest equivalent to the Vatican, Al-Azhar University. The elder Dr. Rauf studied and taught there before fleeing Egypt in 1948. That year, Feisal Abdul Rauf was born in Kuwait.

Feisal Rauf has planned for some time to further develop his father's U.S. Islamic expansionism. In 1990, Rauf opened the tiny al-Farah Mosque at 245 West Broadway in lower Manhattan. Area residents did not even notice the mosque until 2006, when the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) refused to license a new bar on the same block and started yanking others' liquor licenses (3).

Rauf attended grammar school and high school in the UK and Malaysia, according to his biography. He probably first lived in America only in 1965, at age 17, when his father moved from Malaysia to New York to plan and head the Islamic Cultural Center (not built until the mid-1980s) (4). Rauf then obtained a BS in physics at Columbia University (5). In 1971, the family moved to Washington, D.C., where Rauf'sfather headed the Islamic Center on Massachusetts Ave. (6) His father, buried in Suitland, MD, at the for-profit Washington National Cemetery, also founded three Malaysian Islamic studies programs, including the International Islamic University of Malaysia (7).

Rauf's early UK education and familiarization with American popular culture and values made him an acutely adept practitioner of Islamic taqiyya - deceptive speech and action to advance the interests and supremacy of Islam (8). To further that Islamic advancement, Rauf in 1997 established the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). His Kashmir-born wife Daisy Kahn, an interior designer by profession, has run the organization since 2005 (9).

Friday, May 7, 2010

BNP candidate defends against Muslim thugs

BNP candidate shows major balls in defending himself against some savage Muslims.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Media Lied: Mosque still to be Build

The media lied totally about the mosque plans being scrapped: I'm guessing word got out from the government to placate the EDL protests, they were arrested and now the EDL are demonstrating outside the police station.

Original article here.

Muslim group vows mosque will be built

Tuesday 4th May 2010, 11:30AM BST.

The Dudley Muslim Association today said it would proceed with plans to build a new mosque on derelict land in Dudley unless the council comes up with a “viable” alternative.

Chairman Khurshid Ahmed was speaking after Dudley Council announced an agreement had been reached not to pursue controversial plans to build a mosque with 65ft minaret in Hall Street but

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dudley mega-mosque plan is scrapped

The EDL has scored a massive victory over the forces of Islam with the plans for the mega-mosque being scrapped. Despite the massive Islamic response of violence, (covered up by the pathetic UK media and blamed on the EDL) the EDL managed to pull through. Congratulations guys!

The message clearly demonstrated by this is if you put enough of a fight, you will eventually win.

EDIT: A lot of EDL members are suspicious towards this sudden action, so celebration might be a little premature.

Original article here.

Dudley mosque plan is scrapped

Monday 3rd May 2010, 11:30AM BST.
Dudley mosque plan is scrapped
Plans to build an £18million mosque in Dudley town centre have been scrapped, the Express & Star can reveal today.

Muslim Riot in Dudley over Mega-Mosque Protests

Okay, so I haven't covered this story much, but basically the EDL, an anti-Islam group, staged a protest in Dudley to oppose the building of the Mega-Mosque, which prompted 1000s of Muslim in Dudley to start rioting and causing violence, and the pussy ass government apparently issued a media black out on the situation, days before the election. Hopefully this gets out and demonstrates how impotent the current UK government is, and how they want to suppress the event. Here's the original story.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Political upheaval to delay burqa law

Original article here.

4:00 AM Saturday May 1, 2010
BELGIUM: Belgium's Lower House of Parliament yesterday banned burqa-type Islamic dress in public, but the measure faces a challenge in the Senate which will delay early enactment of the law.

Christian Democrats and Liberals in the Senate questioned the phrasing of the law, which holds no one can appear in public "with the face fully or partly covered so as to render them no longer recognisable".

The Al Qaeda Reader author interview

Excellent video from Fox with Raymond Ibrahim, talking about Islam's true nature and Al Qaeda.

Picked up from Vladtepes.