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Thursday, May 27, 2010

9/11 Mosque Approved by Board

Its becoming clearer and clearer that Islam's symbolic occupation (knocking down a symbol of the West and erecting their own) of the 9/11 attacks are coming to fruition.

Original article here.

Board approves mosque close to Ground Zero 

 Published: 12:02PM Thursday May 27, 2010

The New York Post is reporting that a community board in New York's Manhattan borough has granted its symbolic approval to the construction of a mosque close to the site of Ground Zero.
Ground Zero was where the World Trade Centre buildings once stood and which were destroyed by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001.

The Manhattan Community Board has no authority over the construction of the building, but its opinion is seen to be considered important to thwart future popular protests against the building.
City officials must officially approve any construction projects.

The board approved the project with a 29-1 vote, despite strong and angry protests by those against the mosque, which included relatives of some of the 2,700 people who perished in the attacks.
Nine members of the board abstained from the vote.

It took four hours of public debate for the board to come to its decision.

Many New Yorkers are against the decision even though New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has voiced his support for the mosque, saying anybody is allowed to build a house of prayer in the city as long as they follow zoning laws.

Mosque supporters say it will provide a worship space for moderate Muslims and counteract hatred.
Also, it insists everyone will be allowed to enter the premises, irrespective of faith.

But some say that is irrelevant, comparing building the mosque or the Islamic cultural centre as it is being called, akin to building a German cultural centre just across from Auschwitz or a Japanese cultural centre just across from the site of the Pearl Harbour attack in Hawaii.

Crescent shaped building on its way
If New Yorkers feel their protests against building a mega mosque just metres away from Ground Zero are falling on deaf ears, their counterparts in Pennsylvania are still trying to stop the construction of a crescent shaped memorial, dedicated to those who perished on Flight 93.

Flight 93 was the fourth plane that was hijacked on September 11.

It was said to be heading for the US Congress, but never made it after the passengers on the plane tried to overwhelm the terrorists who had taken control of the plane.

It crashed into a reclaimed coal strip mine, leaving a wide crater, according to The Independent.
The fuselage was driven deep into the earth and, in the explosion, human remains were scattered over a wide area.

But the top of the mountain where the crash occurred was removed many years ago by an opencast coal mining operation.

The crescent-shaped complex now surrounds the ground on which the plane crashed.
Called a Crescent of Embrace by the designer Paul Murdoch, building began in 2008 and will be finished by 2010.

But those against the building are left wondering why such a design was chosen in the first place when the crescent is globally identified as the symbol of Islam.

A planned Tower of Voices, a structure that will hold 40 chimes, has been panned as 'minaret'.
Others have also mentioned that the crescent faces Mecca, though critics say it also faces Washington DC.

The architect has agreed to remove any perceptions relating to Islamic symbolism.
The crescent became a circle, with two symbolic breaks, one where visitors will walk along the flight path, the other at the crash scene.

This makes me angry. This is a complete slap in the face to NY and the victims of 9/11, erecting the ideology that inspired the attacks. This is like setting up a Nazi education/cultural center at the site of Auschwitz in 1955.  

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