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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Videos for White Nationalists

Here is but a small collection of Youtube videos I recommend my fellow WN to look into. Check out my channel here for more.

David Duke:

David Duke on The Holocaust:

William Pierce:

NXSchell: The Antiracist Hypocrisy:

The great Jared Taylor of Amren "Debates" a Black Lawyer:

A reading of the Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, Race and IQ:

Kevin MacDonald:

MrHerrIQ: The Magic Negro Archetype:

Enoch Powell: River of Blood Speech:

Barbara Spektor on the Jewish Role in Immigration:


1 comment:

B Lode said...

The only one I have watched yet is the Jared Taylor "debate", in which a theoretically educated black men demonstrates that he does not know the meaning of the term "solely".

A college education, and a post-college education, paid for mostly by taxpayers I'll wager, and this man does not know what "solely" mean.

It's also hilarious that the blacks can't make their point like adults, without yelling. That we're supposed to share a country with those people is one thing; the we're supposed to live next door to them, and work with them, is another.

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