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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reality TV Show: White Re-Education Camp/"Anti-Racism" Experiment

Greeting readers. My sincere apologies for the long lag in posts, due to Christmas holidays and a general lack of inspiration to write. I've found that blogging can be a precarious thing. The drive to do so can diminish dependent on circumstance and external events, and so can the interest in doing so.

But one thing I find that never quite goes away, is my interest in  politics and especially white identity. A natural sense of white ethnocentrism did not hurt, but combine that with a relatively conservative family political upbringing in my earlier years helped cultivate my politics and ideology the way it has.

Here's an interesting piece of reality television. To me, it looks like an audacious, verging on decadent, display of Soviet-style enforcement of white guilt and an escalation of racial tension in the name of the Almighty Lord of the Multiculti (tm). Cultural Marxism at its finest. Even the main villain in this saga, a decrepit, hatred-filled lizard comes off as some disturbing caricature of a sadistic Nazi film character fused with an evil school principal.

All four parts of the experiment:

It's not far-fetched to think a lot of these really fervent anti-racist [anti-white] activists are just looking for a politically correct and socially accepted [and sponsored] medium to spew the enduring venom that corses through their veins. The ideological drug of anti-racism matters little in its substance or truth, but the carthartic release, the chance to demonstrate your spasmodic ire and contempt for the anointed target during the State-sponsored Two Minutes Hate, this is what attracts a large portion of the crowd. The rest are masochistic white liberals, morons, and agenda-driven subverters.

I've touched a bit previously on the decline of England previously, but we can especially see that in these clips that it is becoming a place where the native Anglo Saxon majority is becoming increasingly dispossessed, isolated and victimised. Notice how a lot of non-whites relish in the entire experiment. And I thought only Whites could be racist, hm?

But it stands to reason: This is a country that pays welfare to people who want to destroy their country and make it an Islamic republic, and gives them police protection while they spit on and protest the return of British soldiers.

This is all indicative of a nation ruled by hostile elite. A hostile captain can only sail a ship to its destruction.

Sick society.

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