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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fear and Loathing in the Post Feminist World

It's an undeniable fact to anyone with a sense of impartiality that when it comes to the sexual market, women tend to have it better off, an easier ride, than men. To quote the comedian Jim Jeffries "I've met dwarf sluts, I've never met a dwarf stud... Except maybe in their own realm..." Indeed, for my male brethren, unless you are an active proponent of game, rich, powerful, or the picture of athleticism, you're in for a bit of an uphill slog in terms of the sexual market, these days (unless you're willing to drop your standards). Social power and dominance is the key for men who have any ambitions of coital conquest, and the system won't make it any easier for you.

However, it seems to be that the modern day courting ritual has largely devolved to be an empty void replete with endless series of  inter-gender one up-manships, shit-tests, and general bullshittery. Looking at dating advice columns or books for women further proves my point. A true illustration of our society's total embrace of compartmentalisation and materialism, consummated at the grandiose, strobe-lit alter of our consumer Gods. Everything dressed up as essentially a transaction, a bargain to be made or had. Visceral human nature dressed up in the latest faux-chic threads and tailor made shoes. A juxtaposition of carnal humanity and the marvels of technological advance.

Of course, for those of you with less options or less discerning tastes, there are other options at hand. '

The Futurist predicts that a move towards more realistic sex technology might force women, with diminished power over men in terms of sexual and social appeal, to be compliant and loving towards men. You know, feminine?

However, the outcome I see as much more realistic and in line with the established cultural narrative, is that female interest groups react to the introduction of female sexbots and hyper-realistic holographic virtual reality sex by trying to criminalise all such tech.

This will be a movement, fueled by feminist women and mangina Christian social conservative males, akin to the Temperance movement of the early nineteenth century. Instead of having a butch bullduke behemoth Carrie A. Nation bursting into a saloon and axing barrels full of liquid gold, we'll have slight but masculine feminist executives complete with their post-menopausal mustache making calls and organising rallies to block the sale and distribution of such items. It will be a cloak of puritanism thinly veiling a lust for power.

The temptation for men to withdraw into a cloudy somniferum of hedonism, complete with the latest Xbox console and a High Definition projector for Youporn clips might be tempting, but remember this: The Powers That Be wants you good and sedate. Too satisfied (not with society of course, but with the most recent ejaculation) to lift a finger to change things. It's bread and circuses in the modern world.

Hell, they push masturbation in education as much as they push Ritalin for young boys. Why? Well, it seems to, in high frequency, sap men's vitality, and to keep men nice and pleasantly obedient. In short, to keep you complacent enough about the status quo to leave it be. If you're used to pounding one off when you're stressed or pissed off about things instead of finding a solution or fighting, you're gonna use that stress relief mechanism. Take this literally, or as a metaphor for the current state of affairs, or both. A sort of compartmentalisation of life's problems, by diverting your angst from one part of your life to another, more controllable part where you can vent your energy in a less active way. Now imagine this on a grand scale.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Anonymous said...

It's the hypothalamic, 4 F's virtual control program. Of course sex is involved, and encouraged to be made more and more virtual, as is the fighting (vid games), the fleeing (virtual refuge aspect of the web) and the virtual food (junk carbs).

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