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Friday, January 21, 2011

White Revolution, Activism and Excuses

This article from the Occidental Observer echoed some similiar thoughts I'd had lately about white activism, and the implications of past-and present-strategies present in all spectrums of White groups.

There is a tendency in the most fervent and isolated "White" groups of the past to take things to their logical extreme, take Richard Jay Mathews, for example. He was a white nationalist who formed a group called the Order, who conducted some successful robberies of armoured trucks and banks, and killed a few people. His life ended with a shoot out in his  house with cops in 1984. The whole aim of The Order was to incite some kind of racial conflict or revolution of whites through violence, I guess as some kind of racial nod towards Odinism or some barbarian nonsense and martyrdom, as if barbarity is the spirit of the European soul. 

But is our state of fearful complacently and web-refuge preferable to that? Is no action preferable to violent action?

What I do not process is why do the people who supposedly represent our best racial interests (or at least the ones in notorious groups like that do) try to fight a fourth century war in the twentieth or twenty first century? There's a model for the right way to take and manipulate power and culture, and it is everywhere you look. They're the cultural force that rule now; the liberal-progressive-multiculti establishment. We've been shown again and again with tragedy after tragedy and with each trampled right that most people don't give a shit, what's another 9/11 gonna do, but give the Powers to Be ammunition to squelch more rights and petition more troops for the latest neo-Con conflict? Look at the shameless Judeo-liberal political exploitation of the Jared Loughner shooting.

In the way that cultural Marxism slowly and slightly subverted the West, we can see it was a highly successful policy, even during an alert and paranoid "Cold War" West. That's essentially what should be done, rather than the counter-intuitive activity of murdering a Jewish radio or shooting it out with the police, thinking that these acts of martyrdom will earn any respect or even the slightest notice from the mainstream. will somehow awaken the sleeping masses into action. Fabian socialism? How about Fabian racialism? If the Alinsky approach worked for the leftists, why not for us?

It takes only a small, determined group with power to change the face and constitution of an entire nation. If there is a "racial war", its an instinctual, biological cold war that has existed in and not a physical war, with competing culture and media, and between political ideologies and nation states. Indeed, we have a culture war on our hands and most of us don't even realise it. And we're losing, we're getting our arses handed to us. Why? Well, laziness, fear, brainwashing and ignorance are all factoring in to excuse the majority of the population from any heavy lifting. But for the rest of us enlightened ideologues, its because we are not willing to bend or break the rules to achieve our aims. We have a self-imposed morality that prevents us from taking any action that might actually work, and use that as an excuse to not do anything.

Here's what I prescribe, we as a movement, of individuals or of collective entities, should do to curtail our inevitable societal and demographic decline. If we are to have any hope of advancing our agendas, whether it be paleo-conservativism, libertarianism, White nationalism, or just plain God Damn Survival, this is it:
  1. Gain power, as both individuals or as organised, global groups. Put aside our petty differences and realise our common interests in terms of maintaining a white majority and preserving our (non-liberal, non-socialised) European culture.
  2. Covertly develop a sense of White identity, in the form of European ethnic groups or a general white European identity, and popularise it with the main white population. Bring awareness to racial differences in testosterone, IQ, and the failures of multiculturalism.
  3. Alter and subvert culture and media to be more sympathetic to White Nationalist interests. Paint orthodox liberalism and egalitarian as ugly, hypocritical, corrupt, weak and a failure, in popular and less popular medium. Bring race back into mainstream discourse. Guys like Jared Taylor are crucial at this stage.
  4. Use gained power and influence to exercise in the form of: backing WN politicians, sponsoring anti-immigration policies, anti-affirmative action, pro-middle class, .etc,  appealing specifically to whites.
  5. Take power.
Anything is preferable to our current position of existing in a nice, safe state of refuge on the internet.

We have to face facts that as a group, we have had crazy fuckers. And now, we have no fuckers.


Anonymous said...

We also need to get into key areas of research and development where the proof of our first assumptions are found. There must be, for example, Indigenous European people in the gene labs that share a concern for their own race's future. But even if there are many that are shy about coming out on a platform that would jeopardize their careers once cast into the public eye, there nevertheless is a lot to be gained by us in having people that are simply committed to the integrity of scientific investigation itself, and that alone would do a lot to advance our chances for survival, success and prosperity.

The thing that we have going for us is that we are right about the physical basis for our position of race realism and the following ideals and prescriptions. We don't have the propaganda machine enforcement in the media and on college campuses, but we do have it on the internet and increasingly in politics as the numbers of people that are tired of the lies is on our side. In unfortunate ways the internet can be an escape route but properly used it is a channel for a machine that is laying a foundation of an ideal that requires physical evidence for any attempts to invalidate it. In the media and in political arenas and in campus departments we have a segmentary opposition machine to contend with but on the net they fall short of our own efforts, even if they have us greatly outnumbered. It is a simple reason for this - we have the facts and observations on our side.

Anonymous said...

Where we need to expand is into the research labs in genomics and neuroscience , where evidence for much of what we are saying is being reconfigured or silenced so that it does not reach a broader audience. Bruce Lahn of Howard Hughes Med Center was 'persuaded' out of research that showed that ASPM and microcephalin would affect brain size and thereby intelligence. The cultural marxists immediately pounced on this and eventually drove Lahn to pursue research in areas that he considered less controversial. He didn't really want the spotlight but wanted to do pure lab research and report what was found. What he found was that pursuit of anything that undermines the multicult required more motivation for putting up with the hassle that he was willing to find. What we need are people in that field that are motivated ti uncover the raw scientific truth but maybe not as closely associated with particular white interest organizations. Being so associated is a sure fire way to get the entire debate recast in such a way that the science itself is lost in the political cesspool.

We don't currently have scientists working in gene labs and in fMRI imaging centers that focus on the brain, that are brave enough to say what we all know to be the case, and that is that brains and the activity that they produce have variations between races. They will say it exists between individuals, between dog breeds, between species of early human ancestors, all without hesitation, but immediately get worried about the political implications. National Geographic spends $40 million to study genetic markers and variation in people and leaves out the brain entirely! The most interesting organ in the animal kingdom, arguably, and it is left out entirely. And why? Because they didn't think they would find anything remarkable? In the genetic codes for the most fascinating system of cells in the animal kingdom? No. Because they were scared of what they would find, and therefore has suspicions prior to making the decision.

Anonymous said...

correction : at the time Lahn was at U of Chicago.

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