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Monday, January 24, 2011

SWPL of the Week: Why Avatar is a Piece of Garbage Propaganda

Greetings. I haven't done an SWPL of the Week in a while, so what better than to rip into the leftist enviro-fetishistic-treatise-on-European-colonisation-thinly-veiled-in-Scifi-Drama by the dreaded James Cameron?

This is a movie I had heard about and had been meaning to see for a while due to the hype surrounding it. Not so much for the "Zomg good grafix" aspect, but for the political symbolism and leftist rhetoric that it was purported to spout. Now, I won't lie, I eat that shit up like a fat kid eats cake, and couldn't resist an offer to watch it over the holidays.

Note: I intend to spoil the whole plot. Don't worry, you're not missing much.

Avatar is set around 150 years in the future, and the entire movie is set in a different solar system to our own, on a planet called Pandora, which is apparently some kind of living organism where its humanoid inhabitants, the tribal Na'vi, live within and interact with it in a state of unraped harmony. Sound familiar?

Then, of course we have a megalomaniac Earth-based pan-planetary corporation seeking to exploit its most precious resource called-get this- Unobtanium. I'm under the assumption that the corporation, lead by the extremely unconvincing and poorly acted Giovanni Ribisi, which is supposed to represent some kind of White Devil (tm)  imperialist stereotype from history.

Interesting, the Na'vi themselves look like a fusion of many features of SWPL fetishes: Grasshoppers, lions, tribal Amerindians, Zulus and furries, and seem to be largely acted by blacks and hispanics.

SWPL Wet Dream Personified

Back onto the story, we have a protagonist called Jake,  a crippled ex-marine, who is taken on by the corporation to infiltrate a Na'vi community housed on a large supply of Unobtanium, utilising the corporation's technology that allows humans to essentially pilot captured Na'vi bodies as if he were one of them, from a distant location. Of course, being a secret SWPL, his undercover infiltration goes awry as he becomes to empathise with the noble alien savages, and he decides to side with them against the evil White-I mean human corporatists (meanwhile, he is under the control of human technology to exist along side the Na'vi, in a state of stasis in a human device that allows him to pilot the Na'vi body his former friends stole. Humans also cannot breath in the Na'vi home world without oxygen masks. He is also crippled. Do you see where I'm going with this?), and they fight a massive battle in which the Na'vi fight bravely, but sadly endure huge casualties, beginning to lose... Until the ecology and various creatures turn against the humans.

After that, a boss battle ensues between Na'vi Jake and the evil skinhead leader of the PMC hired by the corporation, technology versus mounted beast. To show you where the movie's agenda is aimed, during the melee the skin headed commander asks Na'vi Jake the laughably transparent line: "How does it feel to betray your race?" Of course, the battle is won by the SWPL and their tribal kin, and everything is all peachy as the humans (except a mixed race team of Jake, his bohemian stoner friend, hippy Sigourney Weaver, and a Latino) of the corporation are humiliatingly expelled from the planet forever, and the Na'vi utilise their magical mumbo jumbo voodoo to permanently transfer the injured Jake into permanent Na'vi form.

Aw, what a happy ending.

Not surprisingly, the entirety of the main nemeses to the Na'vi and Jake are all whites- I think the only exception may have been a black foot soldier or two.

So in reality, we have nothing new to see here, just the leftist-progressive equivalent of a cinematic Roman  triumphant through the dystopic remains of the post-Western world. A symbolic parade of masochistic extreme out-group loyalty and self-hatred on display for the entire world to see.

If the West hopes to regain any shred of self-respect, we must evacuate our collectives bowels of any of the glorified anyone-but-us-altruistic nonsense that this movie seems to personify. Make no bones about it, the people, like James Cameron, who pump this shit into the heads of our young and old alike, are our enemies.

The Face of Your Enemy

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Anonymous said...

So a movie with the largest budget ever (I think) laments the massive concentrations of wealth and waste of resources in the modern world? Hey Im all for less waste and more efficiency but I can't miss the irony in the most wasteful project ever in the history of Hollywood as being the vehicle for a message about the sanctity of resources and the evil inherent in the (white) people that control massive amounts of wealth. I guess Hu Jintao is not on their radar for now. The fact that so many of those in the capacity to orchestrate such outlandish examples of material waste, while they are in the act of wasting lots of materials in order to demonize having lots of control over and over-using materials, of course; the fact that many of them are not exactly self identified as 'white', whenever pressed to divulge ethnic loyalty, Im sure was not part of the script. Of course we're not supposed to speak of that identity that they do admit total loyalty to; no they want to be 'white' in that case, you know just in case their deeds were to get someone targeted as an object of blame.. wouldn't want to anyone to blame their little 'tribe' now would they. No as long as they are being naughty then they are fine with being white to the average onlooker. When the blame game starts though then they can morph back into their more safe identity (guess the shape shifting myth has some truth in it, even if it's not the most supernatural version of that myth).

Cameron is a different sort. He may not be part of the tribe, but he's their choir boy, and he has a better idea than they so they put up the money, he pushes propaganda that destroys their most feared competition - his own kin. Cameron hates himself and wants to take it out on us with some garbage pail morality that as a justification. The funny thing, and very annoying thing, about these suicide leftists is that if they really wanted to get rid of white people, they would , if they had any balls at all, start with themselves. It would be so consistent with their reasoning if these suicide liberals like Cameron would just kill themselves alone, hurt nobody else, and by doing so rid the poor Earth of one well connected and rich, pampered , comforted and insulated white devil. Oh but no he and those of his ilk of course see themselves as like the 'good one' that gets spared by their enemies for being the most epic traitor that they can be! HA! If the James Camerons of the world (and most of all their financial enablers) ever did get their way and all of us horrible people of Northern ancestry would perish, after 40,000 years of surviving ice ages and living in small bands for generations, what on Earth makes them think that they would be spared by the tropical hordes? It is truly the height of arrogance that not only do they openly propgandize for the genocidal and absolute destruction of their own kinfolk, the planetary murder of their own phenotype, but they think that they will be spared by the murderous alien masses that would take over for promoting it! Just who the hell do they think they are? Filthy rich White people or something??

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