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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why being English must suck

You have effeminate tossers like this telling you what culture to celebrate and when to celebrate it. Only one night a year, if its anything he deems not part of the multi-culti. Can you imagine making this kind of advertisement in his ancestral land?


Pat Hannagan said...


What an extraordinary ad. I've noticed alot of the marketing these days pulls no punches, and though stylish, and obviously meant to persuade the contrarians to their point, must only serve to reinforce its target markets pov.

If I was an Englishman watching this, I;d be convinced 100% that Jerusalem is exactly the right sort of song to be singing, 365 days a year. Because it makes this bloke "uncomfortable" and feeling "unwelcome".

JD said...

Mate, if I were his neighbor, I'd blast it at full volume every hour of the day, and erect a couple union jacks around my house for added impact.

Pat Hannagan said...

Ha ha. Good one.

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