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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ukrainian Feminists Protest NZ Radio "Win a Wife" competition Topless

Apparently, eastern Europe is not immune from the virus of feminism. A New Zealand radio show, The Rock, was holding a competition which would send a fortunate listener to Ukraine to "Win a Wife", which sparked up a fierce response from a bunch of nubile feminists belonging to an organisation called Femen, who, understanding the power of their "assets", decided to protest topless.

Here's the NSFW images of the protest. It's clear what the major difference between Western feminists and Eastern European ones are.


Anonymous said...

As an Eastern European, I already know all our women are whores. They sold us out to the Russians and we remember that. That is also the reason why only the biggest manginas or only a couple of blind alphas still marry here.

We are the product of communism. We have no morals, no desires. Most of us have a lot of hate though so expect chaos here to come real soon.

As always, we will be slaughtered but hey, that's life in EE, we're used to it by now.

Johnny Dissidence said...

Interesting, anonymous. In what way did they sell you out to the Russians? Are you presently residing in EE?

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