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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leftism, Marxism, And Soviet Subversion in America.

 I came across a couple of interesting videos on Youtube about rampant leftist marxism in American universities and Soviet subversion of Americans. The below video summarises Soviet tactics (you can find the whole series here). I find this very interesting, the Soviet sleeper agents instilled in American students the ideas of anti-American (people, government, culture), socialism and intolerance of anything else. This is, obviously, a Soviet idea.

Indoctrination in American universities: Documentary: Indoctrinate-U:

Part two is here.
This documentary illustrates how, in many American universities, the lecture-room is half a room of education, and half a political recruitment center. It illustrates how dissenting ideas from the anti-American, anti-capitalist point of view are dealt with via boycotts, accusations, and in some cases, straight expulsion. If you disagree with the leftist,American hating agenda, you're a nazi, racist, bigot, sexist, fascist, or all of the above.

You know what the Soviets used to call the people in the West who support their socialist ideas?
Useful idiots.
Because if there was some kind of uprising they'd have served their useful purpose and be eliminated, character-wise or even physically.

If Islam took over their countries, they'd have served their useful purpose.. Their misinformed ideal that Western culture and government is the enemy, and needs to be destroyed, and any and all groups who agree is their ally in bringing down the "fascist regime" is a self-destructive ideology. Hating the nation that allows you live in (with relative comfort) and allow you to express these ideas without impunity will make for a violent change when suddenly that freedom is gone, and the horrors of the revolution are presented.

"There is no traitor like him whose domestic treason plants the dagger within the breast that trusted to his truth" -Lord Byron

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Tina Eng said...

i've had 17 years of american schooling, and i've experienced the propagandist, indoctrinating liberal wackos that are rampant in the school system first-hand. this is all inarguably, and sadly, true.

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