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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Irrelevant But Funny

Here's the original link.

"F*** you" says woman's text from Telecom

A Wanganui woman claims she received a text message saying "F*** you" from Telecom's call centre after she complained about her mobile phone service.
The woman, known only as Vanessa, brought the issue to the attention of Wanganui mayor Michael Laws on his Radio Live talkback show.
Telecom is now investigating the issue, according to the New Zealand Herald.
The woman told Mr Laws she received the offensive message on February 6, which she was able to trace back to Telecom, after she complained her own text messages to family members were taking hours to arrive.
But the complaint remained dormant, which prompted Vanessa to contact Mr Laws.
Mr Laws said the "level of communications and response to customer complaints has been abysmal".
Telecom spokesperson Nick Brown said Telecom would be very thorough in its investigation of the matter.
"Our customer service teams all set themselves the highest standards and therefore behaviour such as that reported by Mayor Laws would equate to serious misconduct," Mr Brown said in a statement.
Telecom has come under fire lately for its service.
A fault saw thousands of customers lose service for seven hours on Monday and the telecommunications service provider is offering $5million in compensation to customers after two network failures in December and January.
"The level of communications and response to customer complaints has been abysmal," Mr Laws said.

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