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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hillary Clinton Allows Islamic Terror Apologist in US Despite Ban

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an order allowing a radical Islamic man with terrorist ties to tour cities in the United States in spite of a six-year ban, according to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police's Terrorism Committee.

Secretary Clinton consented to have Tariq Ramadan, an extremist Muslim who supports Islamic terrorism, visit New York City -- the city attacked by 19 Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 -- to begin a U.S. tour that includes New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit and Washington.

The prominent European Muslim scholar openly supports Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has worked for Iran and donates money to terrorist causes, according to public-interest group Judicial Watch.

In 2009, a university in The Netherlands terminated Ramadan as a result of his extremism and for his work for the Islamic Republic of Iran, currently pursuing nuclear weapons and financing terrorism worldwide.

According to The Investigative Project, Judicial Watch and other U.S. organizations, Professor Ramadan told his students that the London subway bombers were justified in acting out against their oppressors because the “British government is helping Iraqi people to be killed.”

A well-known French author, Caroline Fourest, who has studied Ramadan extensively says the scholar is undoubtedly an agent of radicalization. She wrote:

The remarkable thing is that Ramadan is on record describing how those who fight for Muslim dominance need to interact with their prey in Western Europe. In Ramadan's words to his adherent, "You must know how to speak to those who don't come from the same background we do," and "You must attune your speech in accordance with the ear that is listening to you. It's essential, but to attune your speech to the ear that is listening, you must also know that ear's disposition." Ramadan has written, "In Islam, the whole conception of man is different … In fact, what is asked of reason is to show us the way of faith in our hearts, not explore its limits so as to extent our faith." You get the picture?

"It’s in his blood, evidently. Ramadan’s grandfather founded the Muslim Brotherhood, an influential Islamist group that advocates terrorism against Israel and the west and is known as the parent organization of Hamas and Al Qaeda," according to IPT.

In documents obtained by the FBI during the raid of a terrorist front group in Texas, Muslim Brotherhood lists its “strategic goal” in the U.S. as “grand jihad,” by “eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house…”

Ramadan has faithfully supported the group’s stated mission to impose Sharia (Islamic) law in the western nations.

"Unfortunately, in an effort to pursue a better relationship with Muslim communities, the Obama Administration has rolled out the welcome mat for the controversial academic," said Judicial Watch officials in a statement.

Secretary Clinton -- who at one time supported Yassir Arafat's terrorist organization, the PLO -- exercised her exemption authority as the nation’s chief foreign affairs advisor to allow Ramadan and another banned radical (Adam Habib) to enter the U.S.

Clinton's decision -- ignored by the mainstream news media -- is part of the president’s mission of creating a "new and improved relationship" with Muslims around the world. The State Department had for years denied the two scholars visas because they were deemed to pose a national security threat in the United States.

"The Clintons [Bill and Hillary] have always had a casual relationship with terrorists. During her campaign for Senator of New York, then-President Bill Clinton pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists to help her gain the Latino vote. That deal was brokered by our current Attorney General, Eric Holder," said former NYPD detective Sid Franes.

By Jim Kouri.

Thanks to Gates of Vienna for bringing attention to the story.

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