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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Semitically Shitcanned

It's finally happened: The 9/11-inquiring Two and Half Men star Charlie Sheen has had his show dropped. The cause? Well, a major rant aimed partially at his show's Jewish co-creator, Chuck Lorre. He even referred to his uber-Judaic birth name, a *gasp* major no-no in Hollywood.

Now, I don't particularly harbour any special respect for Sheen, nor was I a follower of his show (I don't watch television) and he's coming off as indefensibly obnoxious and a haughty cock, but this allows for some elaboration on the ethno-politics of the Western media, and perhaps on the West as a whole: When leftist or neocon Jews get butt-hurt, a minor anal fissure transforms into a major fucking tectonic rupture. Highly ethnocentric personal connections in Hollywood means the goyim can't go around saying what they wish. Or point out certain truths. It's all in who you are, and who you know, and how much you prostrate yourself to your masters.

Indeed, Sheen's just another easy target for the media to sink their hooks into. This follows a trend, and it's got zero to do with Sheen's purported lifestyle degeneration and debauchery. Parallels can be easily drawn to the ongoing Mel Gibson saga, initiated with a drunken rant and arrest, and then later a segway into suspicious publicised recordings rage-filled rants against his ex-wife, and it's clear why: He wouldn't play ball with the ideological pitchers of Hollywood. Examining the list of movies he's been involved with: The Patriot, Braveheart, Apocalypto and Passions of the Christ; movies that did not preach liberalistic values of egalitarianism, dis-empowered Caucasians or ubermensch noble savages, especially the latter, which gave an unwanted revival of a Christian viewpoint on the life of Jesus, seen as "anti-Semitic". This was the final straw for Gibson.

The double standard is illuminated especially with Alec Baldwin, his much publicised abusive call to his daughter was quickly extinguished by the powers to be, losing its stopping power abruptly as he was embraced by Hollywood, given a fancy new TV show. Why? A certain ideological tendency of his.

It's the same story in Australia. Brendan O'Connell, a pro-Palestinian activist whom filmed his ideological battles and protests against Israeli Zionists and broadcasted them on Youtube, received a sentence of eighteen months in jail. If any Australians think they lived in a free state, think again. And if any New Zealanders think we're totally immune from thought crime offenses, I'd start reconsidering that viewpoint, if Australia is any example to go by.

When it comes to the media,  there's special rules and regulations when it comes to commenting on minority and special interest groups, yet it's a free-for-all for those targeting Europids in mainstream medium. Naturally, it's self-evident that Whites are the oppressive, racist group. In fact, the burden of proof is on every White to prove they are not so, preferably via having no children, miscegnating, or generally being a pathetic and weak character who has an inability to defend himself, and submerges himself in distraction and decadence. Of course, what other race would allow their elites to invite so many of the third world into their lands without pause or organised opposition?! Clearly they must have a sinister agenda. No Whites really believe in all this egalitarian, blank state bollocks, do they?

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Anonymous said...

The unreality industry j00ze are scared of anyone that is not scared to call a spade a spade. Agreed that Im not a Sheen fan either, though this episode disposes me more favorably towards him, certainly.

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