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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chinese Immigrants Start Political Party in NZ

In Botany, a small group of Chinese immigrants have set up a political party. The following ought to speak volumes to any NZ WN or sensible Kiwis:

"One of the major reasons I'm working with them is that they are going to work with the Maori Party," Thompson ([a political veteran of the Maori Party] said.
"Maori and Asians have always been minorities and we have never, ever had the power to make decision by ourselves."

 Nah. Just ignore the Treaty of Waitangi settlements, sacred Maori land, multicultural circle jerks, welfare payouts and endless White toleration.

My predictions are that, provided this gains momentum, this party will formulate into an ethnic voting block of Chinese immigrants using leverage to secure things such as more Chinese immigrants in New Zealand, Chinese spoken by crucial services, and more pandering to the Chinese government on economic issues and trade contracts. The latter is especially an important point to consider:

Party co-founder Stephen Ching, a former Labour candidate, said the party had powerful backers including the man who was behind the failed Crafar farm bid, Jack Chen.

Stop me if I'm paranoid, but I see this as merely the Chinese government or its backers trying to secure a foothold in NZ politics, our fragile democracy. The First Pass the Post seems to be certainly conducive towards allowing representative power to ideologically-minded groups.

Apparently we've a few years behind the times, just enforcing the idea in my mind that New Zealand is still in the early stages of multiculturalism in relation to our Western friends, and we still have time to slink out of the loosening noose on our necks.


Anonymous said...

It's certainly that. The Chinese see the Maori as being niggers that could use for loud mouths and thug like tactics. I can't imagine the Chinese having any real affection for Maoris, the latter are like animals in the minds of the Chinese, as are all tribal people; Chinese are far too superior in their own minds for that so if they are attempting to co0opt them it is for the reasons that I stated.

Anonymous said...

I just became aware of your website due to the pingback on my own blog, and will attach your storyline to my own post on this issue.

New Zealand is a country not entirely unfamiliar to me, and one that I'd consider making my 2nd home, if not 9 or 10 thousand miles away. Nevertheless, I have spent a considerable amount of time in N.Z. during each of my four lengthy visits since 1985.

Arriving at the Christchurch Airport (for a flight up to Auckland International Airport during my last visit, departing in April, 2003), I noticed the Red Chinese flag positioned front and centre amongst the other dozen or so, international flags flapping in the wind. (though, no Canadian representation)

I thought it rather odd, that airport authorities would be "flirting" with Communist China in that manner. Be careful what you wish for!

And, with each succeeding visit over the years, I had noticed an ever increasing number of Chinese people in the city streets. Even Auckland was almost entirely white in the mid-80s with hardly a non-white in sight (a few Maoris, of course).

But 12 years later, Auckland was just beginning to show a noticeable increase of Asians, but they were still relatively absent in lily-white Christchurch.

However, in 2002, my sister, who came for only two weeks on her first visit, was prompted to ask "where were all the New Zealanders" after walking down Queen St. Auckland.

I also checked out my old Mt. Albert neighbourhood (Allen Rd. from '85) and amazingly found the entire area completely transformed into a new "Chinatown".

Chinese shops and grocery stores were in abundance everywhere. Out of curiosity, I walked into a food store and found myself as the only Caucasian, and was shunned by a young, Chinese female clerk after purchasing some fruit. (You see, I was intruding on THEIR newly acquired territory and I just didn't belong there. This racist attitude also prevails in Vancouver shops).

Outside this Chinese food store, while passing a bus stop surrounded by a half-dozen Chinese people, fresh orange peels lay scattered on the sidewalk. Not being the shy person I'm not, I immediately cast my gimlet-eye directly into their slanted eyes and pointed to the garbage carelessly thrown on the sidewalk next to their feet. In broken English, they all claimed innocence while I gathered the peels off the sidewalk and placed the trash into the available container only 3 ft. (1 metre) away.

In Christchurch, I often visited the modern public indoor swimming pool next to the Avon River. Without fail, 40% of the swimmers were always Chinese whenever I attended, so I can only imagine the facilities being almost taken over by the sheer force of their numbers today.

And no, I don't think you're "paranoid"; there are other ways of conquering territory other than armed invasion, and with China's massive force comprised of 1,300,000,000 (billion) people standing against New Zealand's lightly populated 4 million, you should have concerns.

This impending Chinese political party should also cause grave concerns for Kiwis, who will soon find themselves evicted from their own country, if they don't start acting in their own best interests soon.

And, I can't disagree with the previous poster. Chinese racial superiority not exceeds over and above the Maoris, but White people as well.

"Sitting ducks" (or Kiwis) are currently easy targets, so get educated before its too late.

Johnny Dissidence said...

Thank you for your excellent comment, I'll add you to my blogroll.

There is a tendency for New Zealand political disciples to imagine us as the harmonious racial exception; a shining beacon of multicultural light and multiracial hope for the world to strive to. I suspect this is something Canada [had] in common with us, but as reality continues to hurdle us towards historical status, this grand failure of sense will prevail.

Just because society hasn't disintegrated completely at 70% White population rates doesn't mean you're in the clear at all. In fact, our own trending towards increased criminality and individual isolation and the multitude of evidence of other countries' should at least wake up some more New Zealanders. But, socialist conditioning is a powerful thing.

You're right about Chinese ethnocentrism, its something I have observed with plenty of Chinese immigrants, who our "elites" are all to happy to invite in with open arms. Even though we seem to be a bit stricter on immigration than a lot of Western nations at this stage, we have a blind devotion to taking an upper limit of 45,000 immigrants annually established in 2004: Over 1.5% of our population.

The big thing that gets me is the sheer audacity with which the Left could capture the hearts and minds of people with their anti-reality rhetoric. It still sometimes astounds me; the prevalence that thinking boundless, endless immigration from racially and culturally alien states half a world away (some with potential political agendas i.e, China) is something that makes us "superior", that the only reason our forefathers were more liberal in enacting ethnic quotas in immigration was "Waycism".

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