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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lowest Common Denomification

In this world of demeritocracy, of affirmative action hiring policies favouring race and gender over expertise and skill, murderers suing for State-funded compensation for a rough childhood, and any form of rightful discernment via discrimination deemed thoughtcrime, the right to psychologically pillage the masses is reserved by the state and their ultra-rich cohorts, signed away on the bloody dotted line by the people with barely contained jubilation. The talented and brave are persecuted and marginalised, while the stupid and mediocre are appeased and subsidised.

The marketing of the mass media machine is not to customise or specialise their offering to individual consumers, but to standardise consumers so they can more easily digest the offer presented. applying a kind of standard that conforms to the key values sought out at a low common denominator level, to be sure that the largest share of potential consumers are caught in their catchment. "Yes, consumer. We acknowledge you are different... Just like everyone else."


JD said...

An example of how not even military establishments are immune from PC rhetoric and retardation.

US General: "Diversity is our strength"

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing a few years back that the UK military were considering lowering the bar for female entrants since so few were making it through the existing standards. If someone isn't good enough to get into the armed forces and a nation actually has a vested interest in the quality of said forces, it's stupidity to lower standards to make a handful of people happy.

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