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Friday, December 17, 2010

Mega Metal Mash Up: Black Metal Edition

Because it's Friday and I'm pissed.

Diabolicum - War Tide

Cheers to B-Lode for bringing my attention to this Ukrainian folk black metal group:

Drudkh- Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Excellent introspective musical piece dedicated to the Ukrainian resistance forces to the Soviets/Nazis during WW2.

Drudkh- Furrows of the Gods

More Drudkh

 Drudkh- Solitary Endless Path


Bathory- One Rode to Asa Bay

 Bathory- Blood on Ice

Ravenshade- Praise be to Roach. Nice breakdown in this piece around :32 seconds in.

Azaghal- All in Satan

Tunrida- Still in Satan's Embrace

Tunrida- Preacher of Immortality

Urfaust- Vom Geist Der Schwere

Spazmosity Regicide


Pat Hannagan said...

Good stuff JD. I especially liked Drudkh's epics. Here's some more Black for ya:

Rock On Sataaaan!!

Johnny Dissidence said...

Hail Kid Jackson!

B Lode said...

Now I gotta listen to all that ... I'll stake out a spare hour or two.

I was going to ask what you're angry and then I realized I don't know what "pissed" means coming from a Kiwi. Britons use it to mean "drunk".

It would be most interesting if it meant something completely different in the south Pacific ... like "getting sued" or "approaching a Buddhist-style self-defeat of one's own ego".

Johnny Dissidence said...

B Lode, I think under a night of heavy drinking, I wouldn't be surprised if all three of those were to happen.

Yeah, I was on the piss, as we say. Drinking brewskies.

Definitely check them out if you have an at least fleeting interest in Black Metal. Do you know any other worthy bands? What kind of genres do you usually listen to?

B Lode said...

Oh, I forgot all about this thread.

I'm somewhat into black metal. Sometimes I just have to listen to Emperor or Enslaved, usually to "push something else out of my head". Nothing cures an earworm better than black metal. It's also good when I'm angry about something, and I don't exactly want to think about it or anything else. It helps derail the anger train from a real subject to pure fantasy.

I'm into ethno metal a lot. I have a very big emotional thing, like a soft spot but more serious, for small European countries. The thought of a country being culturally "mute" or forgotten because of its small size (or, in the case of Ukraine, being landlocked) makes me sad and angry. I was listening to Eluveitie earlier - I can't stand it when people say "Swiss people are one dimensional and small-minded and can only think about clocks". I have no Swiss friends and I've never been there, but it still offends me.

Just as I identify with the horse in "Jingle Bell Rock", I (less ridiculously) identify with Latvia, Switzerland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine because what I have to say it pretty nuanced and easy to ignore. That is my auto-analysis, anyway. :)

So of course I love ethno-metal because it's a global, yet NOT globalist, way for the little peoples to show their uniqueness.

B Lode said...

I'm also a little into bluegrass. I always told myself I was become the American ethno-metal, combining bluegrass and death/speed/black into something that didn't sound like a gimmick. I messed around with the guitar, threatened to buy a viola (not a violin!), etc., but I really lacked the discipline and/or talent to become any good.

Beyond that, I'm quite into doom metal, especially Finnish (definitely check out Farmakon by Skepticism if you like slow metal even a little; it's no good for a lot of moods but in the right mood it is transcendant). Also I like the last of the pre-modern composers, like Saint-Saƫns, Ravel and those fellows.

I starting getting into martial industrial music about three months ago. Triarii, Ghosts of Breslau, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud.

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