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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mainstream "Anti-Racism"; Kill all the White Man

The popular punk-rock band NoFX (all of the attitude and speed of punk with none of relevance and thought) comes through with some socially acceptable white guilt appeasement.

The comment section alone on this video is an epic source of mindless anti-racist drivel juxtaposed with genocidally themed-epithets demonstrating the inherent thoughtlessness in white anti-racists. I implore you all to take a look.

This comment essentially sums up the naive, liberal teen centered in suburbia's thoughts on the video:

I think it kinda mocks the whole idea of racism, as NoFX are kin to do.
If you think these guys are racist (a band made up of two Jews (Mike and Melv), one hispanic dude (El Hefe) and a white guy who's like the kindest guy ever (Smelly) then I hope you never have children.

 Because Jews and hispanics are never racist, right? Right.

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