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Monday, September 6, 2010

Tony Blair: "Islam is the World's Greatest Threat"

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Durotrigan said...

Quite a few people have got overly excited about what Blair has said about 'radical Islam'. I would urge caution, as he has only semi-awakened to the Islamist threat; hence his use of the term ‘radical Islam’ instead of the factually correct ‘applied Islam’ or ‘doctrinaire Islam’. His policies helped to fuel the Islamisation of the UK and gag critics of this process. He has failed to come to grips with the ideological essence of Islam, and thus is unable to recommend the domestic policies which are required to successfully tackle Islamist terror. He is still in favour of making concessions to Islam in the UK. To fight wars overseas whilst encouraging Islam to spread unchecked at home is a recipe for disaster:

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