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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enoch Powell, Political Titan or Shameless Opportunist?

 For those of you who are not familiar with Enoch Powell, he was an English politician who emerged at a cross-roads in the English political system. A member of the Conservative party during the 1960s, he was most famous for his "Rivers of Blood" speech, predicting that the policy of mass immigration of non-Western immigration to England would first result in segregation, then massive violence. He was certainly right about rivers of blood.

He soon left the Conservative party on principle in 1974, alledgely due to their taking England into the EEC (later the EU). One can gather from him, in my opinion, a more modern version of Nietzsche with the influences of classical Greek thinking about Statesmanship and nationalism.

I feel like Enoch represented the working class during the debacle on mass-immigration regardless of whether he was just taking a populous stance or not, and inherently, his opposition used his frank language as a prototypical tool to instigate the widespread political abuse of the 'race card' to stifle any criticism of mass immigration and facilitate far-left radical groups to combat it on the streets. Inherently, he was used to push a socialist agenda by the elites, of isolating and supplanting the native britons' traditionally conservative viewpoint.

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