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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Socialist Traitor Julia Gillard to Remain as Australian PM

Original article here.

Turns out mainstream Australians didn't see beyond Gillard's guise, and she was able to secure a minority government coalition. Need I remind everyone she was charged with treason and was a member of the Socialist Forum during her university days. Perhaps she's a mini-Obama.

Labor to form Aussie government

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 5:30:00 PM
Julia Gillard: Australia's first female PM
Labor has successfully formed a minority government in Australia after clinching the support of independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.

After 17 days of uncertainty, independent MPs Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott finally decided to throw their support behind the Labor Party.

The decision will see Julia Gillard remain as prime minister after taking a narrow margin in the House of Representatives, 76 to 74.

Mr Oakeshott and Mr Windsor announced their decision at a press conference at 5pm Tuesday NZ time.

In what he described as a very difficult decision, Mr Oakeshott said he had dealt with splits in the community and splits in his family on which party to back.

"It is not a mandate for anyone, nor is it an endorsement," Mr Oakeshott said.

Mr Oakeshott said he was "thoroughly unimpressed" with the political parties in Australia.
Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott had been negotiating with both Ms Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott since the August 21 election.

"I want to thank both leaders for the way they've treated us during this process," Mr Windsor said before announcing his decision.

Independent Bob Katter announced his decision to back the Coalition in a hung parliament in an interview with journalists in his Canberra office earlier this afternoon.
Both leaders made their final pitches to the independents today.

Labor required just two of the three MPs to form a minority government, while the coalition required all three.

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