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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NZ Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Original article here.

Soldier Tim O'Donnell killed in Afghanistan

'He was a bloody good bugger'


The family of a Kiwi soldier killed in Afghanistan says they are numb following his death.
Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell, 28, was killed when his three-vehicle patrol was attacked with explosives, rocket propelled grenades and gunfire in north-east Bamiyan Province overnight.

Two other soldiers, Lance Corporal Matthew Ball and Private Allister Baker, suffered serious injuries but are expected to survive. A local interpreter with the patrol was also hurt.

At a press conference at Linton Army Camp today, Mark O'Donnell said his son - honoured for his valour during a skirmish in East Timor - had wanted to be in the army since age four.

Mr O'Donnell said he talked to his son before he left for Afghanistan.

He said to be brave ''but not dead brave''.

''I told him I wanted him to come home. He just laughed and patted me on the back.''
Lieutenant O'Donnell's uncle Barry O'Donnell said the Government should not ''turn tail and run'' because of one casualty. 

''I don't think you can go into these ventures without thinking there is going to be casualties, and as soon as there is one, change your mind and run away.'' 

Mark O'Donnell said the army had a job to do in Afghanistan. 

''It would be a waste of Tim's life if we pulled out now.'' 

The family were feeling numb, with the devastation expected to set in over the next few days, he said.
Condolences from the Prime Minister and high ranking military officers had helped ease the pain.


Pat Hannagan said...

Another White man killed so that Muslims can come to our countries and replace the White men.

JD said...

I didn't think of it like that, but you're completely right. White warrior goes down fighting Jihad, only to probably eventually be demographically replaced by the very thing he is fighting.

You can see it in the picture that this guy had war hero written all over him.

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