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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Turkish Police to be Sent to Maintain Law in Islamic Germany

The following article was lifted with permission from the excellent blog, Gates of Vienna.

The initial German translation of the article can be found here.

North Rhine-Westphalia: Turkish Police in “Problem” Districts

Turkish police

Because problems that have “immigrated” are not being taken care of any other way, Turkish police in their own uniforms will be deployed in “problem districts” of NRW. Why not just hand over our police to Turkey? In business, it’s called “outsourcing.” It’s great, saves money.

Die Welt reports:

The German police union intends to send Turkish police into so-called “problem districts” in North Rhine-Westphalia. They are supposed to deal with ethnic Turkish youths.

“This cannot go on,” said the provincial head of the union, Erich Rettinghaus, in Duisburg. “Maybe that will be an effective technique. We should give it a try.” The Turks in their own uniforms are to go on patrol with their NRW colleagues.
“The new NRW interior minister is from Duisburg. He knows the problems,” said Rettinghaus. He said that it was no secret, there were conflicts with youths with a “migration background” in certain parts of the city. He did not want his suggestion to be taken in any way as a capitulation or an admission of failure by the German police.

The experiment would be scientifically accompanied, the union chief suggested. As an example, he mentioned the German-Netherlands police patrols. Understanding and integration must not shatter at the EU border.

Let us hope that the “de-escalation attempts” of the Turkish police (see photo) do not stop at the border.

JD: I honestly can't believe anyone with a functioning brain would think this is anywhere near a good idea.

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