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Friday, July 30, 2010

David Cameron: Spineless Career Dhimmi.

I picked up this marginalising speech Chairman Cameron gave in Turkey, about Turkey's EU prospective membership. It has all the usual leftist tricks in it: If you oppose a rapidly Islamifying nation joining the EU, you're either a: xenophobic racist, a "protectionist" or don't understand Islam. Speeches like this indicate to me that indeed, the Muslims are supposed to something like the revolting underclass in the socialist intelligentsia's plans for the new "EUSSR", overthrowing their evil white masters who... work hard to pay their benefits and tolerate and acquiesce to their entitlement status.

Of course, this will work about aswell as trying to get a dog to play a card game, except halfway through the game the dogs go feral and lunges for the jugular of its trainer. Islam in itself, is a divisionary ideology. Its the Muslims against the non-Muslims first and foremost, Sunni verses Shia, nation verses nation, tribe verses tribe, family verses family. If some how the neo-soclialist elite did manage to put down the natives and remove their force, the Islamists would target them next. Who wants to be ruled by a bunch kaffir socialist pansy scum? I know I sure wouldn't, especially if Allah commands me to be ruled by him and him alone.

Not only would Turkey's membership into the EU be a horrible mistake, it would effectively be like letting in a second trojan horse (the first being mass Muslim immigration), except this time, the trojan horse is just a battalion of armored, spear and sword equipped elephant-mounted soldiers saying "Yeah, we're you're friend, don't worry." With occasional shoutings of "ALLAHU ACKBAR!" and "KILL THE KAFFIR!" in the background, steadily getting louder.

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