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Sunday, April 17, 2011

To Wordpress I Go!

Well, the polls have closed, the results have been tallied, and the the bribes have all been paid out: Looks like I'm moving Johnny Dissidence headquarters to Wordpress.

I've been considering the move from Blogspot for a while now, but only recently had the desire to change really emerged, encouraged by a certain Pat Hannagan. The dark, dreary background of Blogspot was cool at first, but now its starting to look and feel stale, unprofessional and unwieldy. Time for a change.

But now, with the Will of the People (tm) backing the decision to shift blog domains, so there is no looking back now. I'll have finished setting up the new Wordpress blog in the next few days, so until then:


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

- Daybreaker

Cameron said...

I don't give a fuck

Pat Hannagan said...

I'm dying with anticipation. Would'ja just hurry up and do it already?

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