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Friday, April 15, 2011

"I'm sorry mummy. I don't know what I did wrong."

Trading links with a friend, I came across this rage inducing clip on Youtube:

This news story is a testament to the times we live in. In front of her pleading mother, a  Black female airport screener feels up sorry, frisks a confused six year old little White girl.  The prime demographic for a suicide bomber or a Mexican drug mule, right?

I've got a solution that will completely eliminate any of the issues associated with profiling people being screened for flying. Create two types of air travel companies; Diversity Airways and White Infidel Airways. The people who are so insistent on multiculturalism can have their fix of experiencing wonderful diversity in the form of being subjected to searches at random (maybe even by a Muslim woman, if they get lucky) because obviously, it would be racist to profile based on race. Or gender. Or age. Or any distinguishing traits that might make the process a little more efficient.

From Jared Taylor himself, here's a good refutation of the role racial profiling plays in law enforcement, in that it forms part of a larger profile based on race, age, societal status and appearance. Fools who insist on eliminating any type of profiling in the role of enforcing rules and laws in society are living in fantasy land.


Pat Hannagan said...


Could have linked me though ya cunt.

I want everyone to know that I gave Johnny the tip and link.

One day I will post and rule again. Once I get over my anxiety inducing fetal ball crunching under this desk and spontaneous weeping and howling that is.

Johnny Dissidence said...

Pat: Get fucked ya cunt.

Pat Hannagan said...

Waaaaahhhhh, sob sob. Help me someone, please!

I feel so unloved.

Johnny Dissidence said...

*Wraps a blanket around Pat, leads him back to the rehab clinic* There there, old Paddy, it'll be alright. You'll get all the help you need.

Anonymous said...

You're loved, Pat. That's what we're all about: caring and sharing.

Preferably sharing with credit.

- Daybreaker

Anonymous said...

On the clip with the little girl: not only no but Hell no! Parents protect your kids! Don't let your kids learn to be victims. No outing is worth that.

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